Proverbs 31: Praise of a Good Woman

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Proverbs 31, I definitely recommend you doing so! It is definitely a way to help you understand YOUR purpose in a man’s life, your duty in your home, how you should carry yourself and what you mean to GOD and what you SHOULD mean to yourself.

“favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

Now, I am FAR from the woman I want to be. But God knows that I have been taking the correct strides to make sure that my heart is in great condition to love. I have started truly meditating on the word of God to become the woman that I need to be. I have a two year old son, and I want him to know and understand who GOD is and what that means for him as a person. I also want him to see me as an example of the type of woman he should look for when the time is right.

Now onto the good stuff lol, I have been doing a lot of reading and even beyond Proverbs 31, the bible gives you all the pieces of what kind of woman you should be, but it also tells a God fearing man how to treat his woman and how she is to treat him.

I have learned that it is our job to be the voice of reason, to breathe life into our men when they fall weak, to love them beyond measure and to take care of home (however that may be). But at the same time, it is our job to anger slowly, to speak with wisdom and always find a tone filled with love. We must let the man lead the household, we cannot demean him or snatch his manhood. We cannot run anything, it’s the MAN’S job. Now, I know we women tend to have attitudes *looks around and points to self*, we tend to speak first and think later, we get angry and see red at the first sign of trouble, and we just HAVE to do it all ourselves. We need to not speak out of anger, and learn how to BE the calm IN the storm and not before it.
Now I know I am going to hear a lot of “but I am an INDEPENDENT woman && blah blah BLAH”. But that’s not the point. IF you show a man that he is not needed, why is he going to waste his time. Lift a man up to GOD every chance you get. When he falls short, send him a bible verse, reflect with him on what he has read.


The truth, you should not be praying for a man to come your way. Instead you should be praying for God to keep you on track and to help you become the person HE wants you to become. God places who HE desires in YOUR life when HE is ready. It’s on HIS time, not yours. The faster you realize that and accept it; the easier things will go for you.

I have definitely been impatient, and I had realized that I was praying for the wrong things. What I needed was clarity, a change of attitude, a stronger faith, and more love in my heart. I needed to not fear where I am headed and to not worry about what God’s plan was for me.

Searching for “Mr.Right” results in you finding a bunch of wrongs. We see with our eyes and not our hearts. We tend to go for what attracts us physically and not what God intended to pair our hearts with. Our flesh gets in the way of what is right. Every time a woman approaches a man, he may not be the one for you. It is a man’s job to pick his wife. If he sees you and feels that there is something about you that attracts him, he will speak. Somehow, some way the two of you will connect, on HIS terms.

Place your heart in God’s hands. The man that wants to be with you, will have to get the Lord’s approval in order to get to it. Find God and you will find YOUR peace, along with your piece of heaven. God will give you ALL that you deserve. Just seek HIM and ask. Be patient, pray, read and meditate. Don’t forget to share HIS word. Especially with the man that God has placed in your life. Send him an uplifting bible verse, learn how to be patient and still. God will Bless YOU! I can guarantee it.


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