How to purchase products and not break the bank

There are many ways to shop for products that won’t break the bank. You do not need to spend half your rent on hair products.

Tip 1 Use Coupons and shop when items are on sale

A lot of places, including Target and Wal-Mart always have natural products on sale. You can check sale papers, get a Sally’s beauty supply membership, and even sign up to get coupons from the manufacturers themselves via e-mail. Most naturals feel that if you aren’t breaking the bank on products then you are not doing the best you can when it comes to your hair. Buy one get one free sales, are the best. Target has them ALL of them time for Shea Moisture Products, sometimes they even cut the prices on them as well.

Tip 2 Check the clearance section
The one thing I have noticed, is when a product changes, even if its just the font on the label, most stores have to put those products on clearance to make space for the updated line to come out. As long as it doesn’t look tampered with, it’s fine. I have purchased many full size products for 3 or 4 bucks. And they worked perfect.

Tip 3 Purchase Sample Sizes
Sometimes, buying a sample or trial kit is the best way to go UNTIL you know that those products are worth buying full sizes. Not all products work the same way for all hair types. Read the fine print. Accept what you have, whether it’s curls, waves, kinks or coils. Most products tell you what the product is made to work with. So keep that in mind.

Great Products for Amazing Prices
-Cantu Shea Products are great. Full size products are normally under 5 bucks.
-Dark & Lovely Au Natural line sells for 10 bucks an item. Some items can be found cheaper.
-Shea Moisture is always on sale
-Taliah Waajid You can actually purchase these items from wholesale places as well as target, Wal-Mart and your local beauty supply stores.
-Organix makes amazing products. Walgreens has them on sale. BOGO, Half off. all of thee above with a Walgreens card. You can also purchase these items
-Aunt Jackie’s. You can find this is any family dollar store or anything similar. They work pretty well and are about 5 bucks a full time item.
-Palmer’s. I love their natural hair care line. The protein deep treatments start at 1.50 a pack and the product line is VERY affordable.

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