Quick Tips to Maximize Your Meditation Sessions

Many people feel that learning the art of meditation is impossible because they are chronic thinkers. Personally, I’m an overthinker by nature, and I’ve learned a few tips to help guide your way into meditation. Here are some Quick Tips to Maximize Your Meditation Sessions


Quick Tips to Maximize Your Meditation Sessions

Tip 1: Take time to assess your needs

Are you feeling tired, depressed or anxious? Are you filled with nervousness, restlessness or anger? Focus on what you need, whether it’s more peace, positive energy, clarity or stillness. Take that focus and find the guided meditation that suits those particular needs. Whether you’re connecting yourself to the higher power, or trying to remove your creative mental blocks. Choose what is needed at this very moment, whatever will benefit you the most. Pick a guided meditation that best supports your needs and relax.

Tip 2: Stop interacting with every thought that makes its way into your consciousness.

It’s natural and normal to keep a mental to-do list, however, giving yourself this time, to brain dump is important. Sometimes, during these sessions, you’ll receive new clarity and perceptions on different situations. The biggest lesson I’ve learned since the start, is that I will always be an overthinker by nature, however, I owe myself moments of mental silence. I have learned how to see the thoughts pass by, for example, “are you good enough for this? , “Your business might fail.” and my fav “what if you’re unworthy of love?” During my meditation sessions, my insecurities tend to pop up the most, and if I allowed myself to interact with every negative thought, I would never be able to positively get through any of my meditation sessions. Sometimes, I had to re-evaluate the way that I subconsciously viewed myself and that was hardddddd, most days in itself.

Tip 3: Use essential oils and candles to set the ambience

Candles, incense, sage and even essential oils are perfect to help you relax. I light candles, lavender, chamomile or any “relaxation” candles. Also, if you have lavender, sweet orange or lemongrass oil – depending on the time of day, Take a drop or two and massage the nape of your neck right as you start your meditation session. Depending on the oil you’ll relax and/or feel a surge of rejuvenation and positive energy.

Tip 4: Get Comfy and Turn the lights down

Sit or lay down in a way that makes you feel comfortable and supported. Sometimes, laying down and following the guidance to relax is a lot easier than sitting up. Work your way up to that point. When I started meditating, it was a lot easier for me to concentrate and relax if I was laying down with the lights low or off. Take time to try different methods and see which way works best for you. There is no right or wrong. You decide when and how this goes.

Give yourself time to adjust

Meditating takes time to adjust to, understand that not every session will go smoothly, and some days you may overthink the session or feel that it’s just not for you. Give yourself time and practice before you quit. It’ll take some time, and you’ll need to allow yourself to learn how to acknowledge that there are thoughts popping up during your session but do not interact with them. Even if you realize that your mind has trailed away from your sessions, catch yourself, pay attention to your breath and tune back into the meditation session. it happens.

Give yourself a chance.

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