Start The Year With a Quiet Spirit

Happy, Happy New Year! It’s officially 2017!!

Congratulations, you have officially and successfully made it through another year, You did it!! Whether you ran through the finish line or you crawled through. You have finished.

It’s time to set the pace for how we want the year to go. It’s time to start setting new goals, stepping out of your comfort zone and acquiring more peace than you had before. Choose to start this year with a quiet spirit… I’ll explain.

It’s 2017. We’re fully adulting. Working, going to school and taking care of our kid(s). Life is almost always chaotic and fast paced. And when we’re constantly moving and living in chaos; it tends to be a breeding ground for stress, self doubt and health issues. Personally, I’ve learned that the more that we are constantly moving and neglecting ourselves; the more likely we are to become overwhelmed. Which leads to terrible sleeping and eating habits, anxiety, health issues, stress and depression.

So let’s choose to set the tone for our spirit too; to get us through another year.

By starting the year with a quiet spirit, it gives you a chance to look at life through a perspective different from your norm. You can change your pace, in order to slow down and admire the trees, the sun and the clouds without feeling guilty. You can find a reason to be a thankful in the middle of chaos… it’ll also help you create a protective barrier that will always you to always be great regardless of what’s happening around you.

Last year, I did a great job setting the pace for the year. I was at peace no matter what was going on around me. I was always awesome, smiling and happy. However, towards the end of the year, I allowed myself to get overwhelmed by life and forgot my protective barrier. I forgot peace. I forgot to take time out to breathe in fresh air. I allowed myself, unkowingly, to drown in the chaos. I was beginning to doubt myself as a parent and as a woman. I began to question every choice that I had made and I was I increasingly becoming more insecure. I cried way more than I laughed. I was on the brink of total unhappiness.

 And I really didn’t notice until it was pointed out to me. And for that, I am truly thankful.

I took a few days to reflect on the past year. The major life changing choices I made (ending a relationship, changing my major, returning to the site; etc); mistakes I made, and what I wanted for my life and also  adjusted my expectations for everything (school, relationships, family and self.) I allowed myself two beautiful days of silence. I had to change my “limits”. I had to evaluate what I am willing to tolerate, my deal breakers, and just what I wanted out of life. I refuse to be a robot or slave to this society. I won’t allow society to take from me.

Writing, reading and just preparing myself for the year ahead. I decided to choose me first. I deserved that. No one would concern themselves with my wellbeing the way that I would.  And it was about time that I started functioning that way.

In that moment, I realized what I had done.

During that down time, I prayed a lot. Found my planner, took some time to review my month ahead. I was able to clean house (mentally) and I was finally able to stop beating myself up over things that truly aren’t my fault. I was able to find peace in that silence and confidence in my faith and space in this world. I realized that by quieting my spirit I was prepared to conquer anything that might come onto my path.. without allowing it to devour me. I was able to recharge and give myself a chance. I deserved that.

Life. It happens whether you’re ready or not. It keeps moving regardless of how fast or slow YOU want it go. I have decided that I will only worry myself about the things I can control, and anything else? Is just not my business.


Choose to start this year with a clean slate. Do not bring your past failures into your future. Move confidently  at your own pace and always do what you feel is best, 2016 was a rough and humbling year for many.. Do not feel discouraged. Every failure is a set up for an even better come back!


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