Stepping Outside of My Own Limitations

For a huge majority of my life, I’ve functioned within the realms of safe spaces. Constantly having to remind myself be what is tolerable to other people. I compromised my true self for the happiness and comfort of others. Constantly limiting my divine feminine and limitless spirit. All to make and keep other’s comfortable. Taught to monitor what I said, how much I laughed and how vulnerable I allowed myself to be. Taught to believe that whoever or whatever I was created to be was wrong. I carried so much hatred of self and envied those who had the acceptance and support to be themselves. With time and spiritual alignment, I’ve been able to come back to myself and allow myself to truly live. Finally, I am stepping outside of my own limitations.

I was unable to be myself

Growing up, I was made to feel that if I was too corny, too feminine, too vulnerable, too goofy or honest; It was unacceptable. Eventually, that turned into “I was unacceptable”. Conditioned to believe that whoever, or whatever I was wasn’t good enough, and that fitting into society’s mold. I couldn’t even be my true self with the people around me. Not with the majority of my friends, people that I’ve dated or even my family. No one understood me.

Everyday was such a struggle, it was depressing to constantly wake up and be a shell of myself. Growing up unhappy, I constantly felt like I was walking on egg shells within myself and also my relationships with other people. My vulnerability was considered weak or dramatic. Whenever I showed my goofiness or genuineness – it was a nuisance. Constantly having to limit my personality, my being, my feelings and my spirit – just to be liked or tolerated by the people around me. Over time, I became insecure, depressed and stagnant – what a winner.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been embracing the parts of me that I’ve always kept hidden. I laugh more and cry less. I’m more open to expressing myself in ways that I couldn’t before. I chase my goals, dreams & desires harder. Embracing all that makes me, me. All that allows me to do more than just function within this society.

Revelations and Realizations

I’m limitless. I have more power than I could and have ever given myself credit for. I’m beyond capable with the ability to manifest my deepest desires. I am happier on my own than in bad company. I no longer have a tolerance for people that do not vibrate at the same frequency as me. However, I deeply yearn to be around people that reflect my vibrations. I’ve decided to no longer hide my true self. Regardless of how people would accept me. They’ll either get with my program or remove themselves. But I can no longer be limited. Be mindful of my expansion. Honor my femininity. Respect my emotions, my thoughts, my body. Respect me.

Dare to be Limitless

I am who I choose to be, not what anyone allows. I am free because I desire to be. In choosing to be limitless, I am exactly who & what God designed me to be… who are you?

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