Pretty Kinky Naturals

Pretty Kinky Naturals I had the pleasure of reviewing the product line, Pretty Kinky Naturals, including the chocolate, honey, & Mudd co-wash truffles (not photoed above). Pretty Kinky Naturals, is an amazing natural and organic line that gives you EVERYTHING you have been looking for.

Caring for Color Treated hair.

Caring for color treated hair, is the difference between healthy hair and breakage. Choosing to dye your hair is not the problem. In fact, if you do choose to dye your hair you need to take the appropriate steps in ensuring that your hair remains it’s healthiest and you avoid …

Tips for going heat free

From personal experience, I have learned and seen huge differences in natural hair when no heat is present. I haven’t used any form of heat in my hair at all over the last year. (My nappaversary is the 19th of February *shimmies*).  Even though it is hard to do for …

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