Taking the Path Unknown

Taking the Path Unknown

I walked into this year, uncertain of what or where my life was headed. Trying to understand what this year will bring and what good would come out of it. I fell into meditation, as explained in the post Perfecting This Journey of Self-Care. I ventured on this journey of self-care and self-love without any idea of what I was getting myself into. Coming to the realization that I am taking the path unknown.

On this journey, I’ve learned a plethora of things ab0out myself, these are ,my top three lessons learned.

“I am never in control of what happens around me, but I am always in control of what happens within me.” Fearless Soul

Lesson 1: Understanding that I can only control my perception of an event or situation, was the biggest turning point for me. Understanding that keeping my peace was a choice that I could choose to make on a daily basis. That meant isolating myself from situations and people that would purposely try to trigger a reaction from me. Not entertaining my moments of overthinking or overanalyzing. Allowing myself to view the thoughts in passing WITHOUT interacting with them, and allowing those thoughts to float on by, just as the clouds pass by.

I realized that not everything requires a reaction from me. I don’t always require an emotional response to at stimulus. I can peacefully stand my ground or disengage from situations without allowing that hurt, disappointment or anger to settle in and taint my spirit. I have the power to choose to be sensational, even on the worst of days. Only worry about what I can absolutely control and that was the key.

“To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act, is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer” Mahatma Ghandi

Lesson 2: I had to learn that the “reach one, teach one” mentality was truly what I was after. If I could help one person find peace within themselves verses seeking it out in the world, I did well. It’s very easy to get caught up in the ‘numbers.’ We tend to place quantity over quality. We forget that the what really matters is the impact that was felt by the affected individual. If I can get one person to look inward and realize their connection to God and the ability to create their own peace and happiness; I have done my job.

I’m learning that a tiny ‘splash’ can have a bigger impact below the surface than what is seen above it. Sometimes that one drop, is all someone needs to find their way in the world, or to help make their path unknown, just a little bit clearer. Choosing to focus on the quality of the life I am living, instead of the things that I can count.. makes life that much better.

“Follow your intuition, it will always take you to the right direction.” Fearless Soul

Lesson 3: Trust me, I know the way. I’ve been venturing further on to this path, praying and meditating on my next steps. Realizing that EVERY and I mean EVERY – bit of what I am called to do is possible. **As I’m writing this, the angel number 333 shows up. And I’m even more motivated to complete this post.**  Naturally, I was born a wanderer, believing nothing and questioning everything. Yoga taught me to trust myself, first. Trust that I am capable of not only making the best choices for myself, but that I am capable of standing still in moments of chaos. Normally, I would freak out and stress to oblivion. But I’ve learned that everything I need can be found within myself. IF, I can dig deep enough to see, I can find my way. I am the light in the darkness, I don’t need a switch.

Getting out of my own head, has led me down a path that many would feel is uncommon. Many may not agree with my journey. But I do believe that I was placed here at this specific moment and time for a reason. Learning how to take care my not only my body, but my mind and spirit. Still on the venture of obtaining allll of my degrees, But I can also aim to help heal on a spiritual level as well and not just a mental. God has placed me where I am and my intuition is the only thing that will land me in the correct spots and the meant to be times.


Life lessons

Whether you are certain of where you are headed or if you’re “winging” it every day of your natural born life. Do not allow the opinions of others to change the way that you’re living your process – if you are spiritually, mentally and emotionally on the same accord. Your mission is different than the mission of those around you. The way you perceive life and light, will be different than that of those around you. And it’s okay. Keep praying, keep moving and keep moving in the direction that you are being guided in. If you’re ever uncertain be still and look within, you already know what to do!


Peace & Light,

Sierra Michelle, Reiki Master practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer

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