The Tapered Flat Twist Out Tutorial

This Flat Twist out on tapered hair was super easy to do! I’ll be showing you how to achieve this look along with tips to create the perfect super defined flat twist out!!

Flat Twist Out



You’ll need Butterfly clips, a comb, a detangler (optional), and a curl definer and oil.




Here are a few tips before you watch the Video below!

  • Make sure that you are doing your hair on wet or at least damp hair.
  • Detangle each parted section from ends to roots. **Make sure your ends are smooth. You want to make sure that everything remains defined.
  • Make sure that you comb the product through each section you are about to twist.
  • Make sure your flat twist are done tight. The smaller and tighter the twist, the curlier the outcome.
  • Twirl the ends around your fingers to create a curl at the end of your twist.
  • Keep your ends trimmed for styles to come out defined.

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