The truth about my big chop.

I know this may seem a tad bit controversial.  But many naturals that big chop super early aren’t completely honest about their actual feelings.

Now, on February 19, 2013; I got tired of dealing with two different textures. I was ready to see my natural curl pattern, I was just ready to be completely natural.

Well, I decided on wash day that I would cut off all of my relaxed ends. I had been sampling and snipping sections for weeks. I had finally grew the confidence to big chop.

I cut my hair in my bathroom with hair shears. I started in the front, so I couldn’t change my mind afterwards.

A few hours later, I was finally done. And almost bald. It was definitely an experience that will keep me from EVER going back to relaxers.

Now, I went from excited and free to “oh shxt I have no hair”. It was definitely a feeling I wasn’t ready for. But the one thing I wished someone would have to me to do was embrace it.

For 3 weeks I wore individuals that I installed myself and finally I got tired of hiding. I took them out, I dyed my hair a dark auburn and started showing off my fro.

I learned how to make it work. I learned how NOT to make my hair stop me from being great.

A lot of people were skeptical about me wearing my fro to my son’s second birthday party. Many hadn’t seen it and were used to seeing my relaxed hair…


If you decide to big chop, OWN IT. Nobody or no thing (hair & make up included), influences who you are but YOU. Your confidence and how you carry yourself is what makes you “appealing” to others. If you’re rockin your fro, who can check you? Who can say something to you about it? Not a soul. BUT if you’re hiding it and you seem uncomfortable, everyone around you will have a negative opinion on it.

You determine how you feel and how “accepting” others are . Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful. Just as you are.

Hair grows. Enjoy your journey.


  • I just big chopped my hair on 8/7/13 & i def had that oh shoot moment when i first saw my hair. It was such a shock and i really didnt know how i felt about it. Its only been a few days now and i would do it again if i had to! I love my hair, the texture & the curls are amazing!!!!! I realized that this decision was made for me and im owning it!!! I am beyond excited to see how my journey continues!!!

    • I am definitely excited that you are having an amazing experience when it comes to owning your hair. Sometimes it’s hard for a natural to get use to seeing themselves with a new hair texture after living with relaxed hair for so long.

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