The Truth About Texturizers

Some naturals feel that getting a texturizer is NOT the same as getting a relaxer, while most naturals feel that texturizer is the same as a relaxer.

What is a texturizer?

A texturizer, contrary to popular belief, is a MILD relaxer. It chemically alters the texture of your hair. And you know what they say about chemically altered hair textures…. NOT NATURAL! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But that’s just the way this pretty little world of ours works.

A texturizer, loosens the curl pattern, and makes the hair easier to manipulate. Some assume that it could create an “S” like pattern in the hair. If the hair doesn’t already have that pattern then there is a high chance that you will not achieve it with a texturizer.

Yes I do understand that some may want a “prettier” hair texture. And some want those beautiful curls and bouncy coils.

The purpose of going natural for some is to be completely chemical free. Some go natural just to relax their hair again after it grows out healthier than it has been.

Texturizers would make it a lot easier to transition, but at the same time, it will prolong that transition. Eventually, you will want your “natural pattern” and you will have to ditch the texturizer and go completely natural.

Make your life easier, if you want a “more defined curl pattern” use eco styler gel, use flexi or perm rods, opt for twist/flattwist outs, and braids outs. Get a patterned braid.  The way you moisturize and seal your hair also makes a huge difference when you are trying to maintain soft and easy to manipulate hair. Dry hair is more brittle and tangles easier. It also make styling almost impossible.  If you follow certain steps to keep your hair moisturized, you will be more successful doing your natural.

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