Time for change

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.”

       I love the change of the seasons. Especially Summer into Fall. I love watching the transition from the warm summer nights to the brisk and very colorful evenings. Nature never ceases to remind us that change will happen.. Whether you’re ready for it or not.. Times will change.  The first step is accepting it.

I’ve been very anti-social as of late. Mostly working on jewelry, and neglecting the site and my friends. Just taking some time to myself. I’m becoming more of the woman that I need to be, and less of what society thinks I should be. Some people can’t accept that I’ve grown and matured. And the things I desire and need have changed.

I have noticed a huge change within me, which can only mean one thing… Whether I’m ready for it or not, it’s time to let the dead things go.

Letting Go

Some of us are creatures of habit, we love what we love, and we like what we like. And NOTHING or NO ONE can stop or change that…. right? Just because we’re comfortable in that spot doesn’t make it the best for us. Yes, we may “love it with all our hearts” *In my Kevin Hart Voice*, but it may just be time to let it go. And just because it’s time, doesn’t mean that we hate it, them or the situation. It just means that we are deserving of something new and something great. And settling for where we are, in unacceptable.

Grow With ME

I’m HUGE on this. The only way I’ll keep people in my life going into 2015, is if we are helping each other grow. If you aren’t growing with me, you’re bad for me. Period. I refuse to be in the same spot this time next year. I REFUSE to settle for anything in my life. Personal or business. I can’t be complacent. I can’t be stagnant. I won’t be stuck. Let me blossom, dammit.

I don’t mind growing with anyone, friends included. In fact, I love to be apart of someone else’s growth. Especially, if we are both pushing each other to greatness. I know that right now at this very moment, I need all of the push I can get, and I’m willing to give it back tenfold if you’re open to it.

If I see greatness in you, I will push you. That’s what you get for choosing to be a part of my life. Positive peer pressure.

Dead & Gone

We tend to drag things with us farther than they were intended to go. We don’t want to look at seasonal people as they are, seasonal. We want to take these people into long term spots in our lives and we expect them to want the same. Truth is, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they just aren’t ready for this season in your life and they have to be left in the past. Yes, it might hurt and yes, you may cry. But in the end, it’ll be worth it… for you.

Now, I’ve been great as of late, cutting people off (with a little pain my heart) and moving past it. But sometimes, we run into situations where we honestly don’t know what to do.  We know what we would want to happen. We know the roles we would love for these people to have. We know where we would love to be, but it just isn’t happening.. In fact, it dwindles down into two options. You could A) Stay where you are and miss out on the very things you desire or you could B) realize that there is so much more out there for you to experience and your missing piece is out there looking for you. We hate to let things go, we don’t like ending anything out of fear of the unknown. We hold on to dead friendships, relationships, jobs and other situations just to appease other people.

The reality of it all

You’re supposed to be living life for yourself, not others. It’s okay to say goodbye. Sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do. Look around you, take a mental note. The space you are in RIGHT this moment won’t look the same a year from now. Look at the people around you. Many of those people won’t be there next year. I have ONE friend from high school. Just one. 9 years strong. My oldest friend. My best friend. And that’s okay. Along the way, I’ve met and loved so many more people than I ever thought was possible. New friendships. New sisters. Family bonds. Which are amazing. God’s blessings. I know that anything that is removed from my life will be replaced by something better…

Don’t be afraid. Change is inevitable. But the way you handle it, is what dictates your future.


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