Tips for Transitioners

Tips for transitioner

Here’s a little help to make your transition a little bit easier.


1. I definitely recommend that you treat your hair slightly the same as you did when you were completely relaxed when you FIRST start transitioning. Some people try to tell you to switch your life up completely and in reality, that doesn’t work for everyone. Based on experience, heat free styling did not completely work for me. My relaxed hair HAD to be blow dried or else it would tangle.
2. Get natural friendly shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners and oils. that’s it seriously. You don’t need anything else. You don’t need a curl definers. You don’t have ANYTHING TO DEFINE!!! lol Relaxed hair will hold a better bantu knot out with just oil than if it was caked on with products. Once you big chop, you can experiment with curling soufflés and curl definers to find the right one for your kinks and curls. Relaxed hair doesn’t always react well to curl products. So be very careful.
3. You don’t have to break the bank buying products you’ll probably never use. In reality, we get excited about the journey we are getting ready to go on. And we buy EVERY ITEM in the natural hair care isle thinking we just HAVE to be prepared for everything. And to be real, you don’t need half of it. I bought I ton of stuff in 2012, and I still have a BOX full of products. That I have yet to touch..
4. When you get a few inches of natural hair, you will definitely take care of the relaxed portion and the natural portion differently. I kept my relaxed hair dry. But I moisturized and sealed my natural roots every other day. I used a leave in conditioner and an oil to seal in the moisture on my natural roots and just oil on my relaxed portion. Then I would proceed to style, mostly bantu knots, my hair as usual.
5. Be patient and pay attention to your OWN head. I say this to say ONE thing. NOT EVERY HEAD OF HAIR IS THE SAME. The way you choose to transition is solely up to you and the way you choose to live your natural life is only yours. What works in one person’s head may not work in yours or vice versa. Have patience. Your hair will grow out the MORE you take care of it. You don’t have to take pills and growth supplements to grow your hair. BUT to each it’s own.
6. Trim your relaxed hair monthly to avoid putting too much weight on the demarcation line. The demarcation line is where your natural and relaxed hair meet. You want to decrease the amount of tension in order to avoid breakage!!


If You have any additional questions, feel free to post them in the comments below OR you can fill out the contact form and send me an email!!


Happy Transitioning!!

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