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If you are anywhere near as shocked as I was when I found out who A was after 3 and a half seasons of PLL (yes, I got hip to the show VERY LATE). I wanted to scream by the end of the episode. I was honestly in disbelief. Let’s start from the top


Let’s start from the beginning of the episode. The liars receive package number 1. It’s a set of four magic 8 balls with the message: “If She(Ashley Marin) goes free, you’ll hear from me. Kisses. A.” Now, Emily is fed up with everything at this point. The liars are tired of running from A and Red Coat.The end of the last episode exposes Cece Drake as Red Coat to the viewers, the liars are still assuming that she is red coat.

Hannah’s mom, Ashley Marin goes free! The charges were dropped because it could be proven by an eye witness that Ashley Marin left Detective Wilden before the gunshots were heard.

When Hannah’s mom left for her date, the liars received a new box. The news had reported that the woman the police were now in search for was CeCe Drake, she was the one that had killed Wilden.

The Liars received package number 2; which was a mini casket with a doll inside that looked exactly like Mona. Stating that if they didn’t find their friend fast, they would be blamed for her murder. The next day they receive package number 3 which leads them back to Ravenswood.

When the get to Ravenswood to attend a magic show, Aria was picked for the disappearing act. All of the liars were so into the show, making sure that nothing happened to Aria that they missed something huge. Emily was snatched in broad daylight. At least she had her cell phone. They find Emily along with 2 red coats. One Red coat leads Spencer to an apartment near by. And the other gets beat up by Aria. (Her classes definitely paid off).

CeCe gets stuck fighting with Aria, and falls off a balcony after Aria tried to save her. When all the liars plan to call the cops, CeCe’s body has been snatched right before them. And they completely missed how she got away.

Spencer comes back and leads the girls to this new apartment. Filled with pictures of Alison and boards filled of information. A watched everyone that could possibly be connected to Alison and everyone that was connected to them. The whole time they were in that room, a beautiful green eye with mascara’d lashes watched everything the liars were doing.

Then they stumbled among a closet. Filled with suits.. for men. A has been revealed to be a male. But who?

The liars realize that Alison is STILL ALIVE and that A is looking for her. They also see a Halloween party and plan on going. BUT before the liars can get their minds on the same game plan; Ms. Grunwald shows her face. But this time, she let’s the liars know that she DID in fact know Alison. And that Alison had spent the entire summer calling Ms. Grunwald because she felt that Ms. Grunwald was the only person that could help her. Ms. Grunwald also admitted that she was the one that had pulled Allison out of her shallow grave, and that she tried to take Alison to the hospital but when she came back Alison was gone.

Nobody has seen her for sure, but they all sited her in previous seasons. Apparently, they were really seeing Alison. and it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Ms. Grunwald warns the girls to leave Ravenswood asap and that they are all being watched and to stop looking for Ali because she doesn’t want to be found.

the scene cuts back to A’s lair, and A realizes that he has been found. That the liars know about the lair. the only issue is. that they haven’t seen his face. But they know what he’s going to wear to the Halloween party. The Liars plan on crashing the party. They want to find Alison before A does.

The A reveal. Was the BIGGEST shocker in Pretty Little Liar History… Bigger than Mona or Toby being on the A team.


Ezra is A. *Sigh* I was rooting for him. I thought him & Aria were going to make a comeback.

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