Unexpected Moments

Sometimes unexpected moments can become a nuisance. We get irritated, we don’t see any purpose in these moments. It interrupts what we are currently doing. And it simply gets in the way!!

I’ve had plenty of moments where I’m wrestling to get my three year old in a cart and someone is literally interrupting this moment. He thinks he’s grown, but I’m the mom. So we tug a bit, because he wants to “help” me shop. And then this person, is watching this happen and comes over with a question.. And I’m seriously looking at this person like, “ummm, do you NOT see what’s happening!?”. I start to get frustrated and I barely lend this stranger an ear… And every time, I’m ashamed of myself. Because it’s always for the greater good.

A lot of times, we are in such a hurry and we need something or someone to remind us to slow down. It also reminds us to be a blessing in the life of someone. Those opportunities that we look at as an nuisance is actually a chance to help others. A chance to be someone’s blessing.

So many people are caught up in the world of self. They only see themselves, their goals, their money, their future. There is NO such thing as a team and many don’t even know what team work is. They live their lives in ways that only benefit them. And they do not help other people. Eventually, they become lonely and miserable and a lot of times end up surrounded by and married to the wrong people. Welp.

In those unexpected moments, we find our blessings. Those are chances for us to do genuine good. To be a blessing or even receive one. Sometimes we are too busy or we are simply uninterested in the struggle of the next person. And that isn’t fair. We say we want to be more Christ like, but we don’t truly try. Opportunities present themselves daily.. But we just don’t take them. We just don’t have the time.

How many times have you been tired and received a call that you didn’t care too much to entertain? That person called you upset or bothered and you barely gave them an ear to sob in? You barely gave them a chance to speak before you cut them off and told them you were busy. How many times have you rushed pass the elderly man struggling to open his car door? We walk pass people without giving them eye contact. We choose NOT to SEE their struggle. We choose NOT to help. Purposefully blinded.

Selfish. It’s selfishness. We feel that OUR time is more valuable and that that’s “their problem anyways, not ours”. When in truth, it is our problem. We take a step back from God every time we walk pass someone that needs us. It’s all about us, as individuals. Unless we are the ones in need of help. Everything has to happen on our time and when we are ready.

think about this

Jesus is the example we are meant to live by. He left us HIS word and a book of HIS actions. If this MAN could take the time out to stop mid sermon to help a man in need, what’s our excuse? Jesus stopped every time someone in need approached HIM. HE NEVER turned his back on a soul. Even if HE knew that person would betray him in the future.

Help. We say we love someone, but refuse to help them in their time of need. Love. We say we will have that person’s back, but don’t follow through. Blessings. We cry about what God has not given us, but have passed up every opportunity to give something back to God.

Take the time…. To answer that call, help the person struggling in the street, hold a door open, smile and say hello. You never know who’s day you’re making. You never know who you are helping. By helping them, you truly are helping self. By becoming selfless and understanding that the world does not revolve around you.

Be a blessing!

Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had. (Philippians 2:3-5 NLT)


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