Walk In Your Worth

Between roughing it through life and the people we’ve come across sometimes it’s hard to keep a consistent balance of how much you are truly worth.

We let people come into our lives and diminish the light that we hold inside of us. The light that illuminates our spirit and upholds are confidence. It dims from life’s experiences, situations and just where we feel we SHOULD be in life….


But our self-worth should still remain and grow with time.

We subtract from our value how we’re treated, the method in which other people show US our value, and what life has shown us we are worth.. It shouldn’t change the way we view ourselves.. but it does.

“If people know that you have an insecurity or that you don’t completely love yourself, some people will prey on it. They will use that to their advantage because they are aware of how you feel about yourself. We tend to lean towards the people that honestly don’t deserve our love & we end up with our feelings hurt and our hearts broken. We then feel that we are unworthy and that he/she was the best we can do. NEXT that thought. It’s not true. Not every person that we invest our feelings in are meant to be in our lives.” from Love Yourself First

Unlearn it.

Start from the beginning. Build yourself up from your foundation. Figure out where your cracks are and fill them. No one will EVER value you, the same way you value YOU. But one day, someone will come damn near it.. It starts with you and how you walk in your worth.

We’ve all been in ain’t shit situations, where we allowed the other person to decrease what we perceived our value to be. I have never fully understood why people think if they treat you like you’re worthy and special, that you’ll be “too spoiled”. What’s wrong with showing the person you “love” that you care? They won’t get “too good for you” and walk out.. they would stay and cherish that.. but either way.. That shouldn’t be your primary concern.

Let’s Talk About You

Walking in your worth is going to be hard at first. It’s not meant for everyone to understand and not everyone will agree with you. BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT. You should view yourself and love yourself the way God does. You are worthy. You are amazing. Let the past be the past. Let go of those seasons and memories of hurt and anguish. God has seen and counted your tears and will bless you tenfold, once you understand and value yourself. Start small, remind yourself that you are beautiful. Even if you aren’t the funniest, skinniest, or smartest in the room. You are still beautiful and worthy in your own right. You don’t have to have your whole life together at the moment. Just continue to be a work in progress and build a life for yourself that is worth living..  In your eyes. Walk in your worth.

For me, I have learned to not dictate my worth based on how people in the past have treated me nor the situations I’ve lived through. The past should be used as a learning tool, keep track of what you’ve learned and continue to move forward. Love and honor yourself first. Keep yourself first. Take care of you. Stop losing sleep over the people and situations that are not losing sleep over you. Don’t stress eat, stop worrying. Yeah, it’s going to be rough unlearning everything you felt was right… unlearning everything you have been “shown”.  But it’s worth it. I only “lose sleep” for two things: my son or school. I don’t wait up for the call that doesn’t come. I don’t cry over things I can’t change.  I just distance myself and remind myself that I’m worth more than what others may see. I deserve the world. I’m beautiful. I’m smart.. And I can move mountains in my own right.

Focus on you. Constantly better yourself. Years ago, I would have never imagined that I would be the greatest mom to my almost 5 year old, almost done my degree, and running this site. I’ve put my mind to many things, and even when people doubted me, I succeeded. In the back of my mind, I knew that I could do it… Failure is only in self doubt. I decided to walk in my worth…. I may have stumbled off that path when I allowed life to consume me… But I always come back.

Don’t settle for less. You’re worth those Beyoncé tickets, girl. lol

But seriously,

Know yourself.


Peace & Blessings.

Sie of NHJ



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