Why should I detangle?

Detangling. It’s a very sensitive subject for some naturals. Not only because it takes forever to do sometimes. Some just don’t understand why they should do it, and many just feel that it isn’t a necessity.

The one thing that I have learned through experience is how important detangling is, especially for kinky curly, type 4 hair.

Prevents Tangling

The more often I detangle my hair, the less likely I am to get severe tangles that take forever to comb out. Tangled hair is not sexy when you’re trying to wash and go. Huge knots getting in the way of your flat twist outs are not the business. Trying to style tangled hair is more than just a hassle. It makes your styles look fuzzy and your twist outs and flat twist outs; come out tangled. Yes, I’ve been lazy and tried to do it myself. I ended up with a tangled, frizzy mess that I had to wash and go, because it just looked terrible.

Prevents Breakage

Hair is constantly shedding. It happens naturally. But breakage. That can definitely be avoided. If you detangle often, even if it’s finger detangling once a week. Any little bit counts. Trying to comb out your dry, tangled hair will cause chunks of it to fall out and break off.

Helps Retain Length
The less breakage, tangles and knots you get definitely prevent your hair from breaking at the ends or having to be trimmed more frequently, which causes the hair to break faster at the ends then it grows from the root. That gives off the illusion that your hair “isn’t growing” when in reality your hair is constantly growing you’re just not retaining the ends for the growth to show.

Sometimes, the time and effort we put into our hair shows. You don’t have to detangle everyday, because I can admit that I don’t. I normally detangle whenever I was my hair. I am used to a ton of shedding that day, because it’s the only day that I do comb my hair. I normally flat twist my hair for the week or find my protective style. I don’t really wear my fro out.


1. Finger detangling:
when washing your hair is definitely an easy move. Split your detangling into two parts. Use a cheap conditioner like Suave Naturals, and cover your hair in it. While your hair is dry and before you wash. You will pre-poo and finger detangle and then rinse and wash as normal. This helps prevent your hair from tangling more than it was if it was already in a style or to comb out wash and gos before you wash. Part two is to detangle with your deep conditioner or regular conditioner. If you detangle when you’re washing, you’ll have less work to do when you’re styling.

2. Using a big tooth comb:
I know many are wondering why I’m stating the obvious. BUT I have seen many sites recommend detangling with a small or fine tooth comb. SMH Now, if you want to be bald headed, that’s your business. Lol BUT I definitely don’t recommend it. Unless you are combing out your ends when you’re styling, then its cool. BUT if you are trying to get out major tangles, a fine tooth comb isn’t it for you.

3. Use products with slip:
If the products you use have enough slip in it, you won’t get much shedding and breakage. Your comb and or fingers will pass through the hair a lot easier.

4. Start from your ends:
Starting combing at your ends first, and work your way up. Starting from the top can cause more harm than good. You’ll get more tangles and damage if you start from the top.

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