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So, for those of you that follow me on instagram, you’ve witnessed my skin problems over the years. I have always had a combination of oily, acne prone and dry skin. It has been extremely difficult trying to find the right combination of products that could help with the issue.

I almost cried when I realized that I FINALLY had clear skin with minimal breakouts. Even my blemishes were starting to clear up.

Below, I’ll review the entire Yes To Tomatoes: Clear Skin set.


My daily regimen 

I washed my face in the morning and before bed. I used Kiss my face: olive oil and chamomile bar soap on my face first, and I make sure to rinse well. Next up, I use the daily pore scrub and I let that sit on my face, and I soap and rinse myself in the mean time, and I make sure to rinse my face last. After my face has been patted dry, I use the daily repair treatment, I let that air dry and then if I have any pimples, I use the acne spot stick.




The daily pore scrub barely had a scent. I was really concerned with smelling like a tomatoe, but I didn’t. I used this product after the bar of soap mentioned above. I would use this, on wet skin, and let it sit on my face for the entirety of my shower. Then I would rinse well with water. I used this in my skin two to three times a day; and it never dried my skin out. The scrub wasn’t too harsh on my skin either. It was a lot more gentle compared to other facial scrubs that I’ve used and loved.


The acne daily repair treatment, has definitely been my favorite moisturizer to date. It’s helped with clearing acne. I was also able to use this on my bare face, as well as under my make up.  It didn’t leave behind an oily residue and it didn’t make my concealer or foundation cake up. I didn’t go through the day with a “wet face” and it didn’t increase my breakouts. It has helped keep my face fresh and clean.

I had a hit or miss relationship with this item. It is ONLY supposed to be used for as a very thin layer ON ACNE!! Piling on this product or rolling on too much will cause your skin to BURN and it is painful!!! However, whe it came to clearing up acne, it worked!! You can use it up to three times a day, even though, three times a day may be too many, and it may increase the sensitivity of your skin.  The biggest plus to this, was that it’s a roll on acne treatment. I didn’t have to use my fingers or worry about spreading the oil on my finger tips on my face.


I used these facial wipes, every two or three days. I realized that I didn’t to use an entire wipe to clean my face, I was able to cut the wipe in half and get the job done, creating 50 uses instead of 25. I only used this item whenever it was too late for me to wash my face. If I had on make up, I would use make up wipes to remove any make up I had on and then I would finish with these. I would follow step two and three as long as I allowed my face time to air dry.


Overall, I loved this line. I have been using this item for 3 months now. I have seen amazing improvement in my skin and confidence. It has taken me years to find something that has actually worked for me. Even though it has not helped cleaned up my blemishes. It has helped me with my acne. AND it has helped my make up look way better!!


Yes to Tomatoes: Clear Skin has been my best kept skin secret. For more information about what type of products to stay away from check out this article about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and reasons to avoid it. 

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