You have to do the work.

(-_-), Seriously.

Now before I start my rant. Let’s make something super clear. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY says that you should have an 85 step regimen or a 6 hour wash session. NOBODY!!  However, you cannot expect for your hair to flourish if you are not taking the basic steps to take care of it.

I am far from being the perfect natural. BUT I do pay attention to my hair and what it needs. and I treat it accordingly. You have to find some time to take care of what you have. If you are not taking care of it, you cannot expect for it to grow. Taking two hours to wash, protein treat and deep condition your hair is not that bad.You have to do more in your regimen when you are not properly caring for your hair. that means sleeping without a bonnet or scarf, barely conditioning your hair, not sealing in moisture. All of that leaves you with dry brittle hair. and zero edges.

I’m just over it. lol . Waaayyyyy over it. It just doesn’t make any sense. Not to me at least. And I really, really do try to figure out where some people come from. I just can’t condone laziness.

And what’s even worse, are people that don’t even attempt to twist, or flat twist their hair. Yet get mad when someone else won’t do it for them. I don’t mean ANY harm. But I have no intention, on doing anybody’s hair BUT MINE. Especially if I know that nobody else is returning the offer and doing mine if I do theirs. Nah. I’m good.

To be honest, I get satisfaction out of doing my hair the right way. You know that style you have been working to get right, and finally one day, BOOM, you got it. So you flick it up on instagram, and you take a ton of pics of that “perfect twist out”. Well me, I love that feeling. I love when my hair looks on point. And most importantly I love that it’s free. You can’t tell me nothing. lol

I am not being insensitive. lol But if you need to do the LOC method on your kinky hair to keep it from getting dry you better do that. Don’t complain. And stop comparing your coils to someone else coils. and STOP trying to pretend your 4b/4c hair has a 3a/3b curl. I am a kinky coily girl. Type FOUR all day && VERY proud of it. Shrinkage and all. I do not have any reason to hide that or embellish on my hair type. it is what it is, and that’s God given.

Blah, but seriously, give your hair some TLC. Concern yourself with your hair, and stop worrying about everyone else’s.


    • to be completely honest, your hair type doesn’t have much to do with the products you use and what your hair likes. Hair types only help to distinguish your curls or coils from someone else’s. No product has type 4b on the label. Instead. Look at your hair. Do you have elongated curls, coils or zig zags, is your hair kinky? You have to look at the texture of your hair and what it does. Read the labels, if the product says that it is for coils, and that’s what you have, you are in luck. It’s all about trial and error.

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