Your Life Matters

The “Black Lives Matter” movement has been ideal in bringing awareness to the fact that our lives are just as valuable as the lives of our counterparts. With that being said, There are a few things that I truly need to get off of my chest.

I would NEVER discredit anything this movement has done when it comes to airing out police brutalities and murders against blacks or just the senseless killings of black by white people. NOR would I ever blame blacks  for their own murder’s at the hands of these people. Whites should be held accountable for their actions and not just labeled “mentally unstable” or “troubled”.

Because of “Black Lives Matter”, the social injustices in America can’t stay “hidden” by “better” things in the media. The moment the media chooses not cover it, social media does. And we’re flooded by more than just statements, we see the dead bodies, the shootings, the pain; all first hand. And nothing the Kardashian’s do can change that.

Now, this is my issue. IF you are aware, and by now, as a black human being in America, regardless of your nationality, you should KNOW how “invaluable” your lives are perceived to be, when it comes to other races. That is the NUMBER ONE reason why this movement exists. At some point, you have to be able to “open your eyes” and see the world around you for what it is. They have never and may honestly never give a fxck about us. And that’s just being honest. They don’t even respect the president, and he’s the “most powerful man” in America. But to most of Amerikkka, he’s just that “nigger that lives on Pennsylvania Ave.”

Let’s keep “100”. We ALL know people, that have been murdered throughout our lifetime. we all know BLACK PEOPLE, who have been “found dead”, shot or stabbed to death. Right? So here’s the thing. How many of these times, are the lives of these black people taken, and no arrests are ever made. YEARS after the fact? It’s like that person’s death barely made it to the city news paper and never on the news.

I personally know a lot of people that have succumbed to gun violence, whether it was intentional (murder) or an accidental shooting. And rarely ever is someone caught. But at SOME point, when the hell do you let the “thug life” go if you honestly have, been had and still have a way out?

The one thing I’ve noticed in my area, and it sickens me, it’s how quick things happen. Here’s what I mean. 4:30AM, person is found shot to death, 12 PM there are already RIP shirts made with their latest club pics, 3:30 PM there’s a club flyer with the person’s name and picture telling you to come “fxck it up in the club” in celebration of that person’s life, where the process starts ALL OVER. There have been too many instances, where people go to celebrate the senseless killing of one, just to end up with another.

How many funerals do you have to attend, watching “your man’s (homies)” mama cry over the casket before you think of the people in your life? How many times do you have to say “damn cuz, he left behind his kids”, before you think about your own?? When will you see the value of your own life, the way those that protest and cry for you do?

It’s heartbreaking, to constantly hear about the murders of young black people. Gunned down or stabbed to death over something so trivial.  When will they see that the same people killing all of these young black people are NEVER getting caught. Do you know what that means? That they’re being left on the streets to WIPE YOU OUT.Looking up and realizing that they’re allowing you to purge yourselves and they use it as a rebuttal whenever a white cop or man kills a black child or people. Why do you think years can go by without any arrest made? 8 people in the same clique, killed months apart, same gun, no arrest made. How or why do you think this would happen?  Do you really think the shooter was just THAT good? Hell no.

I know that violence happens, and unfortunately, it’s a part of the world we live in. But no one should have to succumb to violence being the way of life. So many black males feel that if they make it to 18, they’re almost there and if they make it to 21, that in itself is a blessing. We should be able to dream of growing old, and living a full life. We shouldn’t fear walking through our own neighborhoods, getting pulled over by the cops, or even taking out our trash. We are not LIVING FREE here. We’re suffocated and left to kill off our own. And we can’t allow them to have that upper hand.

If bigger, well known gangs can march together in solidarity for the black lives that are being taken and the injustices in Amerikkka, why can’t you stop the neighborhood beefs? Let the kids in your neighborhood feel safe enough to come outside. If you feel that you need to “stay strapped” make it your business to protect them and their livelihood. Give them a chance to grow up with their parents. Let them LIVE as children and teach them that their Black Life matters.


You are valued. You are loved. DO NOT let society make you feel any different.


Peace & Blessings,




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