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Welcome to Natural Hair Junkies!

Greetings, my name is Sie Knows and I am the owner of Natural Hair Junkies.

Natural Hair Junkies came to life in 2013, when I, Sie Knows, was in the process of transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. After doing months of research, I finally decided to go natural. (Check out my hair story for all the details)  The beginning of my journey is what inspired the start of Natural Hair Junkies.


This is me, Sie Knows. I’m here to change the the perception around Black Beauty, parenting and African Traditional Religions. 

I’m a mom, while also working and go to school full time, as a double major (Psychology and Business Administration).  I run Natural Hair Junkies and the small business Crowning Soul.  Life has changed so much for me, and I pray that as people become more familiar with my evolution; that they are encourage to continue their own pursuit (read more about our blog here)

My spiritual journey has changed. I am a Palera and an Aborisha in the Lucumi tradition. I have always been an espiritista, diviner and healer. 

With that being said; Welcome to NautralHairJunkies.com,  The official home and site of NHJ herself. The site will include everything you could hope for. Yes, it is still growing! Feel free to send me a message using the contact page. I am always available to answer your questions, to read your hair rants and to offer advice!

If there is a post you would like to see on the site submit the topic or community question on the contact page!

I leave bits of me on here. Follow my Journey though life by exploring faith, love, music, make up and much, much more. Nothing is off limits. Especially, since life isn’t JUST about hair!



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