Accepting Your Blessings

“Fear alone led me to realize that we as people tend to have the bad habit of blocking our blessings. Even though we feel that we may be undeserving of what God has to offer us, that doesn’t mean that we should block what HE does for us. We do not know what is ALWAYS best for us. Sometimes we have our OWN plans and timing on how things should be or how we want them to be. And we are stubborn enough to ignore God’s timing by trying to stick to our own.” – “How Far Do We Go To Block Our Blessings”

Learning acceptance has definitely been the hardest lesson I had to learn. For a while, I did block my own blessings, because I felt that I deserved less of what God had given me. I felt that being miserable, and making myself miserable was what I deserved for not walking the life I SHOULD have; for not being in a certain position in life that I SHOULD have been in… Me downing myself… I just didn’t see myself the way HE did.. and that was problem number one.

I walked away from so many good things, all because I didn’t see my own worth. I thought of myself as less than I was.

I had to learn that I am worthy of everything under the Sun and everything my heart desires. All because of the way and reason I was created. My “price is far above rubies.” And now I genuinely believe that. No, I am not and will never be perfect, but I do know that if it’s meant for me. I should accept it wholeheartedly and not be myself up over the things I cannot control.

As long as my heart is willing, who am I to block my blessing?

Better yet, if God says “yes”, who am I to say no to HIM? How can I really say that, “oh no you don’t, don’t bless me.. I’m undeserving.” Yes, I may not be perfect. No, I’m not always the most obedient.. But I do deserve to be the happiest I can be.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NIV

If HE felt that I was worth dying for… how can I not value myself OR trust what HE has and will continue to do for me… Why wouldn’t I accept it?

Think about it.

Look at yourself with an open heart and new eyes. What makes you think that you aren’t worth the good things that come your way? You deserve that bomb career/promotion, that brand new car, those new house keys,good health and an amazing partner to share it all with. Any and everything your heart could possibly desire… You are deserving of it all.

Why would you want to continue to make yourself miserable and depressed? Blocking every good thing that comes your way because you aren’t and haven’t even attempted to change your mindset? I’ve watched so many people, people that I love, fall to the waist side.. They’re miserable, stressed out, angry, bitter and sad.. Most of all they’re unhappy with themselves. They don’t pray anymore, they don’t try to see themselves as wonderful beings deserving of not only God’s love.. but their own self love too…. They feel that because they aren’t on the path they FEEL they should be on at this (st)age, they don’t deserve any thing or that they haven’t worked hard enough for it… yet.

Are you aware that there is an exact moment in time, already set in stone, for everything you will ever go through/overcome in your life? Regardless of how long you “defer” a blessing? God will tap you on the shoulder until you’re ready to accept what he has to offer you. Over time, you are built up by HIM to receive the different things he has in store for you. You have been through more than enough that has prepared you to appreciate it what’s yours.

Forgive yourself, see that you are worthy of more than you could have ever imagined. Even if you’ve lived your life “out of order.” Good or bad, at some point, you will have to accept what’s yours. You can’t just take the bad without the good. Keep a happy balance.

You are deserving. “Go get your blessing.”




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