Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch Up Review

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch Up

I received this product in Dark Blonde, Complimentary of Clairol and Influenster, to test. I am no stranger to color, and it came right on time, as I was planning to lighten my roots, to dye my hair.

I’ve been growing out my hair for a few months now. It has been about 5/6 months since,  I have lifted my roots. So the growth was very noticeable. I have very noticeably dark and difficult to lighten hair. So it normally takes a lot more “time” than the recommended times per the included instructions.

Quick Hair talk

Just a quick hair chat prior to this review.

For the “hair typers”, which I normally don’t do,  I am in the 4’s. I have thick, kinky, curly hair. It’s very dark, I’m a number 2, for my hair braiders.. My hair can be super hard to process (color wise), especially with box dyes. I have tried multiple box colors, and the ones that work the best for my hair are the ones made specifically for natural hair.

My hair retains water, and I mean A LOT of water.



First Impression

The kit doesn’t include much, even the amount of the dye is very little. I was under the impression that “root touch up” meant all of your fresh roots. But after reading the instructions, It’s meant to only dye the visible front areas of your hair (including wherever you part your hair); , in between color treatments. It comes with a mini dye brush and a mixing bowl. I was already having mixed feelings about this, but decided to try it anyway.

The process

So, the application process of pretty simple. The small application brush makes it easy to target just the roots and makes the process a “non-drip” process.  The process was “short and sweet”, especially since it’s only meant to dye a small amount of hair. Also, it says to leave the product on for 10 minutes, 15 minutes if you have stubborn greys. I left the color in for about 45 minutes.



the aftermath

I won’t lie and say that I had high expectations for this product or in what it could actually do for my natural and dark hair. But it only lifted my hair about 2 shades, and it was definitely still brown. My hair did not feel dry and my curl pattern was still intact (which was great). I’m just not a fan of the color change, even though processed 4.5 times as long as the instructed, it didn’t really do much of a change. My hair was not light enough to put a rinse on, and still needed to be lifted (which will be discussed in another post). I went ahead and lifted all of my roots with another and more reliable method.



Comparing the two photos

Here is a comparison photo, the top photo is before the dye and the second is after. When compared side by side, you can see the difference in the color. It did not process the way that the instructions stated it would. It was not light enough for me to tone, or add a rinse to. But it did lighten my dark hair a few shades, in about 45 minutes, which IS 4.5 times beyond the instructed processing time. But if I would have rinsed it out in 10 minutes, my hair would have remained the same color. There would not have been a noticeable change.

Looking at the box itself, I should have known better, but out of “fairness” and with it being advertised for “all hair types, I did try the product. Would I recommend this to other natural looking for a “quick fix” to lighten and customize their hair, No. Would I recommend this to any natural, with a hair texture close to mine? Also, a “no.”  The box dyes that have worked well for me. if you choose to go that route, would be Shea Moisture, or Crème of Nature. I’m huge on just lifting my hair myself and toning it or using a rinse of my choice. I’ve been DIY hair queen for most of my life. I dye, cut, braid and style my own hair.

However, I would definitely recommend for you to just skip the hassle, and go to a professional, it may be costly, but at least you’d have a head full of healthy hair with your curl pattern intact.

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