Girl, Where Have You Been?: The spill with NHJ

Happy October y’all! And welcome back to

First, I just want to admit that I am super duper dupperrrr excited about being able to finally and comfortably share where life has taken me. I know that I step in periodically and blog – or mostly had guest bloggers come and give some great advice in my absence. For that, I am genuinely grateful.

Let’s get started..

Girl, Where Have You Been?

So, let’s get the awkward part out of the way. I wasn’t “in hiding” but I was in a more introspective space, working on myself from the inside out. I had a lot to figure out – which was primarily figuring out who and what I am and navigating my spirituality. Along the way, I’ve been through a few initiations/ceremonies. I’ve been studying and will continue to be a lifelong student of African Traditional Religion (specifically Palo Mayombe and the Lucumi).

I honestly was uncertain about the future of Natural Hair Junkies and if there was a way to incorporate my authentic self on this blog – and there is. There’s a way, I just had to sit down and plan it out.

Life came at me fast, but a lot of things are settling and I’m finally on a path where I can candidly share.

First up: What’s going on with your hair?

Well, to be honest my hair is a mixture of what happens when Covid and laziness hit you hard. I installed mini twist in my hair on April 10th, 2020. When wash day would roll around, I would just wash my mini twist. Eventually, those mini twist loc’ed and I had no choice but to just interlock my roots and keep it moving. Now, do I intend on keeping my hair like this forever? No. I fully intend on sitting down and either combing them out OR just being completely lazy and cutting them off.

I never, ever, fully intended on committing to locs. So, I know that this isn’t a forever thing for me. I’m already planning, my escape; but I’m just lazy right now. I’m locked uppppp (due to covid) and I just don’t see myself doing my hair right now, but I know that it’s time to get back to that. I do miss my loose fro. It’s a weird situation to be in, but change is definitely coming. I’ll be able to share that experience and change on the blog too. Look out for us on YouTube to catch our new hair journey. and what happens next.

What can we expect from you, the Blog and the Instagram?

You can expect that new new ish… But on a serious tip, you can expect a lot of changes. As some of you know, I run Crowning Soul LLC. So, I will be teaching divinations – doing lives, conversation between both platforms. There will be a lot more conversations, candid and genuine.

There will be blogging more about my spiritual life and practices. I will be discussing my hair journey and the changes that will come with that. I’ll also talk and show more of my skincare routine. You’ll get hair, skin and body product reviews. Book reviews for spiritual growth. DIY rituals and baths – all of that. And possibly even a podcast because that seems to be a suggestion I get more often than not. 

We are shifting back into a black ass space. We’re growing. We’re elevating. We are getting back to our glow and flow of things. And I am genuinely excited for what’s to come. Thank you all for continuing to rock with me and not lose hope. Cheers to what’s to come.

“Welcome back. Welcome back, WELCOOOOME BACCCKKKK” *in my Ma$e voice*

Peace & Light,
Sie Knows

We outcheaaaa

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