How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

How To Use Argan Oil For Hair Growth

As you can see, hair plays a vital role in a woman’s beauty. That’s why they are always finding the ways which can help them to have beautiful hair. For somebody that is facing hair problems such as hair loss, split ends, too dark hair color, etc., looking for a method which allows them to make the hair grow is very necessary. If you are in this case, why not try using argan oil? But do you know how to use argan oil for hair growth? What you need to do is going on reading this article for more details.

Nevertheless, you should know why argan oil is right for your hair. Argan oil consists of the high content of vitamin E oil so it may renew your hair cells and then assist in growing the healthy hair. Furthermore, using argan oil is an excellent solution for treating hair loss. It can moisturize your scalp and help to remove dandruff.

If you want to increase your hair growth, let’s try using one of the following methods.

1. Argan Oil Shampoo

If you’re going to find out the answer for how to use argan oil for hair growth, this is the most straightforward answer for you. That is using argan oil shampoo. By using this shampoo, it may aid in giving the strength and softness back to your hair. Furthermore, it makes your hair stay away from the dryness and damage.

What you need to do now is shampoo with argan oil component or adding argan oil to your shampoo twice a week so that it can promote your hair growth and strength.

2. Argan Oil Hair Mask

Another way to use argan oil for hair growth is using it as your hair mask. This is the detailed instruction for you.

What you need:

· Argan oil

· A towel

· Natural shampoo

How to do:

· First, take an enough amount of argan oil and heat it in a few minutes

· Then, apply the warm oil to your hair and scalp and massage it for about 15 minutes

· Next, use your towel to cover your hair so that the oil can soak into the scalp and hair

· After that, allow it to sit overnight

· Finally, wash your hair with your shampoo in the next morning as usual

3. Argan Oil With Castor Oil

If you do not like using argan oil for hair growth alone, why don’t you combine it with castor oil? This is what you need to do.

What you need:

· Argan oil: 2 tbsp

· Castor oil: 1 tbsp

· Coconut oil: 50 – 100 ml (It depends on how long and thick your hair is)

How to do:

· First, put everything in a container and mix them well together

· Then, apply this mixture to your hair

· Next, let it sit overnight

· Finally, wash it off with fresh water in the next morning

4. Argan Oil With Coconut Oil

The combination of coconut oil and argan oil will be an excellent solution for you in this case. Here is the specific direction that you ought to consult.

What you need:

· Argan oil: 10 drops

· Coconut oil: 2 tbsp

· Hair band

· Plastic Comb

How to do:

· First, mix both kinds of oil well together

· Then, comb the hair

· Next, apply the mixture of oil to the hair and scalp

· Now, brush again

· After that, cover the hair with the help of a hair band

· Finally, rinse it off with water after you let it stay for approximately half an hour

These are some ways about how to use argan oil for hair growth. We all hope that you may find the best solution for your real situation. However, all contents provided are for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you. After you try using one of the ways above, please share some experience with us?

Author bio:

This guest post is by Emily Pham, a blogger with many years of experience in searching the best natural home remedies for beauty and health issues.

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