Manifesting (self) Daily

Manifest: (adj) Clear or Obvious to the mind

Lately, I have been choosing to be quiet. And I don’t mean physically choosing not to speak. Manifesting self daily. I have been allowing my spirit, mind and body to be silent. Allowing my spirit to meditate and detox itself of all of the things that don’t suit me. I have found comfort in silence. Somehow, that silence proved to me that I was resilient, brave and capable. But how?

Manifesting (self) Daily

Everyday, no matter how the day goes, how exhausted I am and no matter how “full” my plate/schedule is; I have found a way to always be and feel great. Spiritually, I am healthy, at peace and just coming to grips that I manifest my reality. I have the ability to manifest those positives daily. I can reap what I have sown into the world and live comfortably knowing what I’ve done. It’s become clear, and I feel it. I am capable of all things, simply because I am. And it’s beautiful.

Everything That I am

I have learned myself in a way, that has not only built my confidence, but made it a permanent structure of my being. In that silence, I learned 3 valuable lessons. One, I do not have to accept the projections of the insecurity and self worth of others. I completely understand that people will only meet you at the deepest level that they have met themselves. And that’s fine. However, there is NO obligation on my part to accept any negativity, drama or mess. I deserve better than that.

Second, It is more than okay to say “no” or not answer your phone.

News flash, people have a tendency of just coming around you to dump all of their “trash” and then waltz right back to the life they complained about. Yes, you may want to be there for your family and friends. But sometimes you do have to say “no” in order to take care of you. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t go out. Just dedicate that time to yourself.

Lastly, I am the only one that can manifest the life I desire.

I am capable of creating the universe that I want. Only I can accept or deny my reality. I can work hard, stay in the gym, be a straight “A” student, and awesome mommy and still run this brand. Simply because I believe that I can. I stopped allowing doubt to overwhelm me. I allowed myself to stand rooted in what I chose for my reality. I accepted it, and here I am. Doing all of things I told myself I could and being everything I created within myself.

Learning Everyday

This year, has been a year of finding myself. Detoxing my mind, body and spirit of all of the negative thoughts and habits I possessed. I created this realm of peace that I deserve to be in. I learned how to manifest the positive parts of myself on a daily basis. Not always waiting for the next “New Year” or Full moon. Always creating new goals and plans, and sticking to them. Just being silent and enjoying life as it is. I’m not perfect, by any means. But I have learned what I deserve. I’m attracted to vibes and positivity. Bless me with that.

Live in Peace.

Love & Light


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