Girl, Where Have You Been?: The spill with NHJ

Happy October y’all! And welcome back to First, I just want to admit that I am super duper dupperrrr excited about being able to finally and comfortably share where life has taken me. I know that I step in periodically and blog – or mostly had guest bloggers come …

Learn How to Pour Positivity into Yourself

Life has taught me this valuable lesson. We are too expectant of other people to do our jobs for us. We expect others to make us feel valued, worthy, and happy. I’ve learned that this is unfair habit that many of us have.. It’s not only unfair to the individual that we are putting this pressure on, but its also unfair to ourselves.

“She Readaaayyy” – Mood into 2019

“She Readaaayyy” – Mood into 2019 I am soooo excited about this upcoming year. I’ve been planning and plotting for 2019 for quite some time now, making sure that I’m building the appropriate foundations for self this year. My focus this year: Bettering Self, for the sake of me and …

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