Eating Habits & Hair Growth

Hair growth, along with weight-loss, toning up and getting healthier, starts with what you consume. Your diet, along with stress, ultimately decide how your hair grows. Here are some mega-foods and nutrients that you may want to include in your diet for healthier hair growth weight loss.

Can you JUST get over it already?

I can rant just as good as the next person. There are certain things that truly do grind my gears. And no this doesn’t go out to anyone in particular. I am definitely about to let my soul glow. Reader be Warned On this site, I can be candid & …

Qu’ality “NA-TU-RAL” (Prod. by Qu’ality)

Can I just admit one thing? I love this song. Qu’ality really took the time out to learn and take notice of the things naturals do to their hair, products they use and the fact that they protective style. The video is filled with beautiful, natural women. With locs, fros …

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