Music Thursdays

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’m so excited about this new addition to the site! Every Thursday I’ll showcase my fav songs, Indie & Major artist.

“My Lady (Gorgeous)”

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn DAY X released “My Lady (Gorgeous)’. Puts a creative spin on “My Lady” by D’Angelo. Perfect for the summertime. Check it out!

“reFRSH” – Fly Rebel Society

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Fly Rebel Society is back with another one. “reFRSH” is definitely one of those albums you don’t want to skip through. I am currently playing this gem as I answer your e-mails. Find out why the “Skies Ain’t Safe”, and ladies, you may want to […]

Marco the Brand – “Temporary Forevers”

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   Marco The Brand’s, Temporary Forevers EP is by far my favorite R&B project to date. He writes about real life love and romance. And it’s just so sweet. Ladies check him out!! You won’t be disappointed.

Qu’ality “NA-TU-RAL” (Prod. by Qu’ality)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Can I just admit one thing? I love this song. Qu’ality really took the time out to learn and take notice of the things naturals do to their hair, products they use and the fact that they protective style. The video is filled with beautiful, natural […]