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Girl, Where Have You Been?: The spill with NHJ

Happy October y’all! And welcome back to First, I just want to admit that I am super duper dupperrrr excited about being able to finally and comfortably share where life has taken me. I know that I step in periodically and blog – or mostly had guest bloggers come …

Money Talk for Every Stage of Relationships

If you want to share all sorts of wonderful things with your partner, it means you share your love, family, intimacy, and even not-so-romantic things such as debts and budgets. Although balancing money and relationship is challenging, it is essential to talk about financial issues if you want to maintain a long-lasting relationship. So, how to talk about money skillfully at every stage of relationships? Scroll down to know more.

Mercury Retrograde Taught Me

I am shielded by God’s grace and never-ending mercy. Am i deserving? Not yet, but I am forever grateful the blessings that arise from the ashes of the burned down parts of my life. Let’s get deep in it. What IS Mercury Retrograde? Mercury retrograde is when Mercury moves in …

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