Fighting “Covid Scalp” and the Quarantine Blues

This post is long overdue. Covid 19 has been wreaking havoc on our lives, routines and normalcy since March of 2020 – We’re now coasting to the end of 2020. Here are some tips to fight Covid Scalp and the Quarantine Blues.

*This is NOT a judgement post; it’s a simple reminder for all of us, Myself included, to wash & love your hair (& self).

Fighting “Covid Scalp”

What is Covid Scalp? Covid Scalp is what I’ve been calling what our scalps are exhibiting at this time. It’s dry scalp and dandruff, itchiness, possible scalp psoriasis flares and more; that come from stress and the lack of sticking with your pre-Covid hair (and skin) routines. Yes, that white coat of powder in your hair? THAT!!!!

Many of us, myself included are dealing with hair issues we haven’t experienced since the beginning of our natural hair journey. And Covid is definitely to blame for that, since we are no longer living in what was once normal times. Because of this, it’s time to truly get back on schedule.. How you may ask?

But We’re Quarantined…

Yes. In America, and most places, we are still on a mandated quarantine. And for many states (and countries) we’re aiming towards another total shut down as states start to scale back how “open” outside is. And you are being affected by Covid and the holidays, it may be a bit harder for you to (re)find your groove.

A Simple Tip: Just Wash Your Hair

Speaking for myself and sharing my own journey, my schedule has changed so much. Everything changed, teleworking and distance learning. The change really had me NOT keeping up with my routines. My hair routine went out of the window. In April, I installed mini twist in my hair and after a couple of months with them installed. I made the lazy decision of just letting it loc because I didn’t have the time to try to rip and pull them apart. At a point, I was washing my hair religiously, every week or biweekly and then I just stopped.

One day, what eventually pushed me to truly get back on track was just stepping into the shower and just washing my hair. There is something therapeutic in the act. Just getting on track and washing my hair.

New Covid Scalp Routine

Choose a shampoo and wash your hair. Condition your hair with whatever conditioner you have in your shower. We’re just trying to make this process as easy as possible. We’re really just trying to start simple and find our “new” groove. After you shampoo, oil your scalp and seal in some moisture. Keep it simple. Do it often enough to prevent “covid scalp” or to clean it up if you just let it go too far.

Start taking care of yourself. I know many states, including mine, are going back into lockdown. And seasonal depression is out here and popping. But seriously, give yourself a bit of grace and understand that we are STILL in the midst of a pandemic, and many of us are NOT as acclimated or okay as we pretend to be. We just have to find small methods of getting ourselves back on track and find our ways back into our rituals and self-care routines.

Peace, love & light


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