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NatraCure – Intense Hydrating Gel Booties Product Review

NatraCure – Intense Hydrating Gel Booties

Editor’s Note: NatraCure Intense Hydrating Gel booties can be purchased here, follow the company on instagram here.

It is very important to add self-care into everyone’s daily ritual or routine. These Intense Hydrating gel booties from NatraCure came in right on time. It’s been a long, longggg time, since my last pedicure – thanks to Covid. So, I’ve been trying to find ways to maintain my feet at home on my own. Self-Care is super important and I have been heavily neglecting it as of late. Life came at me fast thanks to Covid 19 and the death it caused in my family.

Let’s dive in to my thoughts on these Gel Booties and if it’s worth the buy.

NatraCure Intense Hydrating Gel Booties

First Thoughts – Before use

For the sake of being transparent, I was super SUPER shocked to see the actual pair of socks. It’s not what I expected. Each sock has a bit of weight to it and you can feel the gel insole inside of the sock. That alone, let’s me know that these aren’t just your regular “infused oil or shea butter” socks. Due to this, I was a bit nervous putting the socks on, because I didn’t want to mess up the gel insole. It took me a bit of time to get used to but it does feel soothing and relaxing.

During Use

Having to sit down for the recommended 30 minutes, was amazing. These NatraCure Intense Hydrating Gel Booties force you to slow down for a moment, read a chapter from a book, watch your favorite show, meditate or play Among Us with strangers.

I was able to sit, and just truly allow the cool gel to sooth my feet. These booties give aching and swollen feet a rest. The gel is cool but not uncomfortable cold. Put your booties on and rest. It helped not only improve my mood but gave me 30 minutes of rest to kick my feet up and relax. You can feel the literal gel on your feet and not just the cotton, sock-like material. I didn’t want to walk around with the socks on – but they do have grip at the bottom that allows you to walk around; slip free. How you choose to spend those 20 to 30 minutes is up to you.

After Use

Super impressed and genuinely shocked. I have fallen victim to many products that claimed they were going to moisturize and improve your hands and feet. The moment I took these socks off, my feet were moist and soft. It was immediately evident that the socks were doing exactly what it was advertised to do and so much more. I followed the directions, and allowed my feet to breathe for three to four hours. And my skin was smooth. And this was just the first time.

I am a new fan. I am super hard to impress but this time the experience was different. From this initial week of use, I have experienced that I have these socks, good for 50 uses, and I can get the results improve over time? WHAT??? COUNT ME IN!!

Final Thoughts

Since then, I’ve used these about two to three times a week for the last 3 weeks and honestly, I can see the improvement in my feet. The super dry and somewhat calloused areas are improving. I feel a lot more comfortable showing my feet now that I’ve been able to add this easyyyy tidbit into my routine. My skin is soft. I even noticed after the first few uses that the gel insole is not only at the bottom. It covers the bottom and top of the toes and soothes and moisturizes the cuticles. THIS is why I’m big on reviewing products over a longer timespan than one or two uses.

Even after hand washing these socks and allowing them to airdry, the gel has not been compromised. They do suggest, if needed, to sprinkle powder on the gel to keep it “smooth” – But I have yet to have the need to do this.

I am sooo thankful to NatraCure for these gel booties. I’ve scoured the website and created a list of goodies, that I have the most interest in trying and/or gifting to family members. It’s an easy way to show others that you care about them and how they are caring for themselves.

You’ll see more about these gel booties on my Instagram and on our Youtube.

Stay in the know with NatraCureNatraCure Gel booties can be purchased here, you can follow the company on Instagram here

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