My Hair Story

I have had a relaxer since the age of 4 and a half. I had a few “natural” bouts that failed. Miserably. I I failed to educate myself, when it came to  taking care of my natural hair.

In 2010, I went natural. I wanted to rebel against the creamy crack (relaxers) and just go wild and care free.. well That ended just as quick as it started. By thanksgiving, I just couldn’t manage my hair anymore. I was pregnant and hormonal. I went to get my hair done, just a trim and to get it straightened and the woman who did my hair, single handedly ruined it. I had so much heat damage that it caused breakage, and my hair was cut uneven. She tried to cover up the damage she was doing with the flat iron. smh By 2011, I was back to the creamy crack and growing my mane back.

in 2012, I got sick of having thin hair, worrying about my edges looking rough while the ends look sleek, and hating new growth. I started doing research. On the truth about natural hair. What would it take for me to take care of my natural hair? Would I be satisfied with it? Would I be accepted? My handy dandy yellow notebook and I went to work. I learned a lot about the purposes of oils, transitioning, heat free styling, scab hair, taking care of natural hair, etc. It was a ton of work.

But finally I felt that I was ready to start my transition. And let me tell you, it was smooth sailing. ehhh for the most part. I got frustrated a few months in and said forget about it.

February 19, 2013 I big chopped. All by myself, in my bathroom. And I have been on my journey ever since.

I can definitely admit that being a natural is a “test of faith”. I also used my big chop and change in “identity” to help build my faith and take a new journey. I have finally discovered WHO I am and where I belong.

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