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Unexpected Moments 2 comments

Sometimes unexpected moments can become a nuisance. We get irritated, we don’t see any purpose in these moments. It interrupts what we are currently doing. And it simply gets in the way!!

Is Timing Really Everything?

Over the course of my 24 years on earth… I’ve heard timing being used as an excuse or more so a reason. Reasons why they can’t do something, excuses as to why God couldn’t possibly be right. Timing. I’ve heard people say “that it just isn’t the right time”, or […]

Sickle Cell Awareness

Sickle Cell Disorder is the most common, yet the least talked about genetic disease. Sickle Cell is more than just a “Black disease”. It affects people from Mediterranean countries, central and South Americans, parts of the Caribbeans and South Asia. It’s just more common among people of African descendants. Whether […]

My Honey Child

My Honey Child I purchased these products over a year ago, and finally got around to using all of them on my most recent wash day. 1. Olive You Scalp Cleanser 2. Olive You Deep Conditioner 3. Honey Love Pomade 4. Honey Hair Creme