Monthly Archives: October 2016

Dear Future Husband: An Open Letter

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Dear Future Husband, Where ever, you may be. I just want you to know that I have been waiting for you, Ever so patiently, and you’ll learn that I’m not the most patient person in the world….. But… I’ve been praying for you, for years […]

4 Lies You Were Told About the Big Chop

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn When I first big chopped, I imagined it to be a pure, natural, and  very instant bliss.. I was soooo excited to finally be completely natural. Being able to wear my “Be Calm and Go Natural” tees, and everything else… But Lord, was I wrong and I had no […]

Cute & Kinky: Hair Moisturizer

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Cute & Kinky: Hair Moisturizer I had the pleasure of Reviewing the Cute & Kinky: Hair Moisturizer. Here’s a brief description from the bottle. “Hair Moisturizer with aloe vera leaf juice, unrefined shea butter and certified organic coconut oil For all hair types. Prevents dryness. Helps […]