Natural Hair 101

How I Survived Traveling with Natural Hair

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn How I survived traveling with Natural Hair Earlier this year, in April, I prepared to pack up my son for a surprise trip.  We were headed to California for a week for spring break.  I was super excited and took the weeks before my trip to start packing […]

How to Effectively Become a Naturalista on a Budget

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Being a natural is ALREADY hard enough some days, But if you’re anything like me and you “ooooooo” any time you hit the product isle in Target, you know how easy it is to spend almost half your rent on “new and improved, “as seen […]

4 Lies You Were Told About the Big Chop

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn When I first big chopped, I imagined it to be a pure, natural, and  very instant bliss.. I was soooo excited to finally be completely natural. Being able to wear my “Be Calm and Go Natural” tees, and everything else… But Lord, was I wrong and I had no […]

How to Care for Dry and Brittle Hair (Updated) 3 comments

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn How to care for Dry and Brittle hair I get a lot of e-mails from many naturals that are tired of  having DRY HAIR. They have used every “blogger approved” product that does not work well with their own hair type.  They have dry, brittle and rough hair. But […]

Protective Styling 101

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Protective Styling, can be a gift and a curse. There are plenty of pros and cons for each style. I’ll be using my top 4 protective styles Both Pros & Cons. Hopefully this will help you decide which one is best for you.