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The L’Oreal Cleansing Balm Review 

The L’Oreal Cleansing Balm This product was created to put 6 different steps into 1 step. The cleansing balm I received was the EverPure for color treated hair. I did receive this complimentary of L’Oreal and influenster.

Flaws and All 1 comment

Flaws and All Life really points out your flaws, I’m the first to take note of mine and try to internally fix them. Not for anyone else, but for myself. I know that sometimes it’s hard to actually sit with yourself and see & accept the fault in yourself. Many […]

Dating with Purpose.

Disclaimer* Before you get all sensitive No, I am “not a bitter, independent black woman that doesn’t need a man”. I’m not nor have I ever been your “stereotypical black woman”. I believe in dating, love and marriage…. This generation has slid so far off of the deep end when it comes to dating, relationships […]

Start The Year With a Quiet Spirit

Happy, Happy New Year! It’s officially 2017!! Congratulations, you have officially and successfully made it through another year, You did it!! Whether you ran through the finish line or you crawled through. You have finished.