End Of The Road

“Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings.” ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Life happens. Friendships end. I understand this. We grow up, we outgrow each other, and we learn what we truly desire out of someone.

Over the years, I’ve learned where I fell short as a friend, I also learned what it meant to truly be someone’s friend. It’s more than just one person’s thoughts and feelings. It should be a two sided street. It shouldn’t always be about person A. I shouldn’t feel like my
feelings aren’t valued or appreciated. I shouldn’t feel like my efforts are pointless. I expect for my friend to respect me and my feelings the same way I would theirs. I shouldn’t feel disrespected or brushed off. Every time I attempt to speak to that friend. Value my words & feelings, the same way I do theirs.

It doesn’t matter how many years you have in a friendship, that doesn’t make it guaranteed.

sometimes things come to an end

Yes, sometimes we come to the end of the road. And it’s time to let things go. Especially, if you know that you’ve tried everything you can, to make things better. You have no choice but to let it go. You can’t be afraid to move on and say “good bye”. As long as you take responsibility for your actions and your parts of the issue(s), you can let it go. I’ve learned to trust God and myself. I know that at any given time, when someone exits my life, I know that everyone that’s meant to be in my life, is still there. Sometimes you have to trust in that. You have to trust in yourself. Trust in those around you, and have faith.

Let it go. Seriously. Don’t hold on to those toxic friendships. You can’t lose pieces of yourself, just to keep everyone around you. It’s not worth it. No company is better than bad company. It took me years to realize that. And I’m finally at a point where I’m comfortable enough with myself and my life to let people go. No malicious intent. No shade. No regrets.

It’s time to let go.. All friendships don’t last forever. I wish you the best.

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