2013 At a Glance

2013 was an amazing year for me. Especially, with everything NaturalHairJunkies.

Watching my son grow, has made me such a proud parent. He is learning at a very advanced pace, and this journey with him has been a blessing in itself. I transferred to a 4 year college and plan on finishing my degree no later than May 2015, #ClaimingIt lol.  I have been a very busy person, working with DMVixen.com, the Fly Rebel Society and Marco the Brand has been amazing. Which only leaves room for improvement.  The 2014 takeover is in full effect.

I was NEVER expecting NHJ to expand and branch out the way that it did. And to really sit down and realize that it was just something that I started to help motivate and support other women. Natural or not, hits home for me. It’s fulfilling. I realized that many women were suffering with many of the same issues I was barely making it out of. I was blessed with the dream and motivation to make it all happen.

I could never be where I am without my readers and those that support me. I wish you ALL a very blessed and successful New Year!

January 19th will be  NaturalHairJunkies’ (Brand) first birthday! Which I am super excited about. There are so many amazing and very generous giveaways coming this month. And some upgrades and revamps to Naturalhairjunkies.com, you can also shop for the new tees and totes and phone cases here: Natural Hair Junkies: Shop.  I am really excited about finally launching my own official “Brand” per say. lol

I just wanted to say thank you! To everyone that has supported me, especially a few of my super dope day one followers. I appreciate all of the support and love that I have gotten from all of you. Letting me into your hearts and valuing my opinion. lol Everyone that has reached out in some way or another and said “hey, you’re doing a great job” I appreciate you more than you know!

This year, I promise less anonymity. You will see more of me, of my life, of my hair journey. I will let you all in the same way all of you have done for me! So be prepared. lol I will also add a gallery to the site, as well as adding new videos to my youtube channel. *sigh*. Life is all about compromise.

A HUGE thing coming to NHJ is the Small Business Feature!! A feature will be posted every Sunday. You will get to know more about the person behind these small business brands! Woot Woot.

Again, thank you all. I appreciate each and every one of you that e-mail me on a regular basis and those of you that approach me out in public.

I am just a regular woman with a blog. lol In my eyes. I am more than just hair. Rants & all. lol


Cheers to 2014. May you all have a blessed and prosperous year =)

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