Disclaimer, This is not for the “faint hearted.” spare me. Do not try to defend white supremacy here. feign ignorance else where. Like many, I’m a huge football fan. I look forward to the fall and Football Sundays. I’m ready to pull out all of my gear and rep my …

Your Life Matters

The “Black Lives Matter” movement has been ideal in bringing awareness to the fact that our lives are just as valuable as the lives of our counterparts. With that being said, There are a few things that I truly need to get off of my chest.

Justice for Who?

If you’re sensitive and blinded, this post isn’t for you. Fair Warning!! So, I’ve been following everything that’s been happening in the black community. Including all of the killings of unarmed young black men. And to be honest I am outraged. On many different levels, and even angrier hearing blacks …

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