A Heart’s Desire

These last few days have felt like I was living in the twilight zone. Closing myself off from the people that care about me, to just try to find some rationale about the turn my life has taken and just where I need to be mentally. Stressful, is an understatement. The last week of 2018 was a sneaky hate spiral, everything that could go wrong, did. So in turn, I’ve decided to take notice of my top 3 desires for 2019 – and with that we have a Heart’s Desire

A Heart’s Desire

Currently, I have 3 major desires for this year. I would love to move into my first home this year, receive and reciprocate genuine love and to create financial abundance for my family.

Desire one: My first Home

Personally, I feel behind the curve. Like I should be in a different and more prosperous space in my life. This would be both a major accomplishment and moment for 2019. It may also be what’s right on time. Making this desire a reality would help me feel a sense of pride in myself, like I’m finally doing something right.

Desire two: to be loved deeply

I’m fully & completely aware that this is something way out of my control. But is definitely a major desire of mine. It’s more than just about companionship for me. It would amazing to be around someone that truly sees and understands my heart. Allowing me to be completely comfortable while also creating a safe space for us both. Someone that is not only ready but prepared to love me. Knowing that I am not perfect but he chooses to see the light in me regardless. Someone willing to work with me and I with them. And yes, I plan on reciprocating what I’m given and more. It would just be nice to have someone that’s willing to commit to me and care about how I feel.

Desire three: To thrive in financial abundance

Last year, I decided to take a step on faith and officially created Crowning Soul, LLC. It was about that time to truly put the work in for myself and have a legit business to call my own and work towards. Cheers to the first of many. With that being said, I am hoping for a better paying 9-5. Aiming to pay off my debts and save more money. My desire to grow in financial abundance for myself, family & future legacy. I desire to have something to pass down, I want to own land, businesses and give my child something higher to aim for.

Plan, girl. Plan.

All that’s left at this point is to plan for desire 1 & 3. I own a budget planner, a business planner and a my regular every day planner. The goal is to be as aware of self and my goals as possible. I want to be better, much better than I have been in the past, and this is the year. Wish me luck, as I pray the same for you.

Love & Light,

Sierra Michelle.

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