The French Braid Chronicles

January and February have come and gone at this point. So much has happened this year, that took me dowwwnnnn and I mean both literally and figuratively. My grandfather passed *insert deep cry*, I got the flu & probably bronchitis too, and a few other things. And with all of this my hair has been neglected. BADDDDDDDD. And just like that, the French braid chronicles have returned.

braids freshly taken out

January, I took my braids out and just let my fro to do it’s own thing. I would wash it and a lot of times, not even conditioning it (yes, I’m ashamed) and just letting it dry with some hair butter and letting it do it’s thing. With everything happening around me and then getting deathly ill, my hair was the least of my worries. And it shows!!! In Panama, I gave my hair mild TLC, leave in conditioners and curl definers – because my hair had to be decent for the funeral. I rocked a puff for the remainder of the week, and resumed my wash and barely condition that Sunday.

Day 4 of humidity in panama

February rolls on through and it was the beginning of French Braid Chronicles. I put my hair in two French braids, and have been redoing them every few days. I’ve been oiling my scalp and adding hair butter to my hair, every time I redo them. That’s a plus right? On the weekends, I wear a head scarf, IF I go out – which has been once since the 2/2/19. I’ve been so exhausted, both physically and mentally that my hair has “suffered tremendously.”

The goal for March, is to get back on my hair care & skin regimen because, whew, the slacking is REAL. I actually thought I would end black history month on a better hair note, but I laughed at myself just as quick as the thought crossed my mind. I’ll rock my French braids for the next week and deal with my hair & two baby locs next month.

I’ll be waayyyy better to me this upcoming month.


A lazy natural.

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