The Moment I Began to Honor Myself, Life Changed

The beauty of this year, has been eye opening. For every low, there has been an even better high. For every moment taught me something. But the biggest lesson learned, came from the people that surrounded me. I learned the most valuable lesson. The Moment I Began to Honor Myself, Life Changed.

The Moment I Began to Honor Myself, Life Changed

The majority of my life has been me placing the emotions and feelings of others over mine. I would internalize what was happening around me or to me, and I would struggle to express how I felt and just trapped it all inside. I subjected myself to treatment that I did not deserve. All because I was trying to be the person that I felt that other people deserved. I also assumed that people would shift how they treated me IF I continued to treat them well. Boy, was I wrong.

Removing What No Longer Served Me Hurt at First

A lot of my time was spent second-guessing myself and my decisions. I knew that the choices that I had to make would be hard, a lot harder than I expected. But it was time to accept the mental, emotional and spiritual shift that was coming. I knew that making certain decisions would remove me from certain places, spaces and people and I knew that a lot of those decisions would be PERMANENT. There were nights where I genuinely didn’t feel that I was deserving of the peace I aspired for. It made me question MY WORTH as a human, woman, mother, daughter and friend. My concern was how would people view my choices? Would it truly be okay?

Slow & Steady and now it’s poppin’

When this journey first started, I was apprehensive of how this would go. With time, it started to become second nature. I understood how my emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing was impacted and it started to rub off on the people closest to me. I had time more readily available to practice yoga and meditate, time to unwind and restart, and just time to gather myself and process my life. Honoring myself is still a mindful adjustment. Learning that people that respect and regard me, understand the new boundaries I’ve created. Hopefully, it inspires those closest to me, to do the same

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