AnuNaturals Just Water, Just Oil, and The Hair Lotion


So, before I started using this product my hair & I were on bad terms. Roxy the frofro didn’t like me too much. lol She wasn’t getting the proper love and attention that she deserved from me.

This particular Sunday, I washed my hair and let it air dry without any type of product, I got too busy and was caught up with homework and my son.  So when I finally got around to flat twisting my hair, it was a super dry, brittle mess.

I decided to start my trial that day. Since my hair was bare and clean. I can honestly say that it has been a true “journey” ever since.

Initial Impression (Pre-use)

Well, When I first received the products I look at the labels and see if the ingredients correlate with something that is homemade. and to see if it is something I could truly use everyday in my hair. The ingredients for all off the AnuNaturals brand are VERY natural. Ingredients that promote growth, healthy scalps and soft hair. At the end of the day, everyone’s goal is to grow healthy hair.
These products also smelled amazing! They all smell like something fresh out of your kitchen. Stinky products always make me second guess whether or not the outcome will outweigh the sent. lol But this one, especially the Just Water and the Vanilla Cupuacu hair butter smelled amazing.

After Using

After using these products (in this order: Just Water, Just Oil and then Vanilla Cupuacu Hair lotion) I always received amazing results. My hair is always moisturized and shiny. My hair held moisture for a few days at a time. My flat twist out definition was flawless. My hair felt SUPER SOFT and it just felt nice. I wanted to play in my hair all day after I took out my flat twist. It didn’t leave ANY residue and it didn’t flake at all. It was gentle on my strands and scalp.
After a few days of actually using these products I started to realize that my hair smelled amazing and it also made my hands super soft. I actually got compliments on my hair and the smell whenever I would go out.

This product in itself has definitely made it all the way into my everyday regimen. This is definitely a product that I would recommend to other naturals that are looking for ways to keep their hair moisturized. I always say that moisturizing ad sealing your hair is very important. And these homemade products make it so much easier to get the job done.

If you are really looking for something to help make your natural hair journey easier and triumph filled this is definitely the line you need to try.

Check AnuNaturals out here:

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