The Curly Curl Cream- Taliah Waajid

The Curly Curl Cream

I have personally used this. Even after all of the negative reviews I read and received on Instagram prior to use.

Initial thoughts, prior to use

The scent was VERY overbearing. It smelled like a man’s cologne.  And definitely made me choke up a bit. I was skeptical of actually using this is my hair, but I definitely chose to use it.

While using

The product went in fairly easy, a little bit does go a long way, so you should NOT cake this product on. You can use it on top of a leave in conditioner.  (I definitely did, as I do many of my products. I added to the each section and twisted it.

Thoughts after using and taking down my twist

The scent, went away after a day, so by the time I took the twist out; my hair smelled good and was very moisturized. My hair was still soft and flexible. It wasn’t stiff, dry or flaky. Using the product with other products did not leave behind white residue. My hair had soooo much definition.  More than most other products. This product definitely gave me some of the best twist out definition I ever had.

A tip to reduce stiffness

If your hair does get a bit gel like, stiff. Take each twist & twist it in the direction OF the twist. That removes the crunch.

Where is this item is available?

The item is available anywhere. Target, CVS, any beauty supply store, BJs warehouse, etc. I have found this in almost every drug store, grocery store and beauty supply store. This item is easy to find and runs at about 6.99-7.99 USD.

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