Learn How to Pour Positivity into Yourself

Life has taught me this valuable lesson. We are too expectant of other people to do our jobs for us. We expect others to make us feel valued, worthy, and happy. I’ve learned that this is unfair habit that many of us have.. It’s not only unfair to the individual that we are putting this pressure on, but its also unfair to ourselves. It’s time to learn how to pour positivity into yourself without expecting it from other people. 

Learn How to Pour Positivity into Yourself

Every morning, I wake up and I remind myself of 3 reasons why I’m grateful. I fill myself with that gratitude as a I prepare to get ready for the day. I find a moment to sit in silence, normally in gassho (prayer pose) with some form of frequency playing in the background. I’ve learned how to keep myself in a space of positivity, regardless of how much sleep I got the night before or how much I dread going to my 9-5. I remind myself that the vibes I carry, starts with how I start my mornings. 

I allow myself the time to drop the energy that no longer serves me and I fill myself up with light – before I even hit the door. It truly does start at home and leaves me more prepared to face whatever arises throughout the day. 

Get a grip and hold on tight

We put too much value in the power that other people have over our lives. If we can’t “vent” to that someone, they can’t offer any advice or escape or just the simple fact that you didn’t get that “good morning” text you so desperately needed.. That could be all it takes to start your day off on the wrong foot, and everything else that comes afterwards just goes downhill from there. Do you know how hard it is to “get a grip” on something that’s already been slipping from your hands the moment you attempted to get a hold of it. 

Expecting other people to start YOUR day off with the energy you desire is like watching water leak from the bottom of a cup. You’re watching the water drip, hoping someone else will come and clean up the mess and swap out the cup. Instead, you watch, in hopes that someone else comes along, but eventually, the drip turns into a leak and eventually you find yourself drowning in the same water… Simply because you expected someone else to come and save the day verses doing it yourself. 

Work at it daily – Don’t quit

Making the switch into positive thinking is not the easiest thing to do. At first, it feels forced and you feel quite silly for even attempting it. Some days, its a lot harder to see the greatness in Monday and you feel yourself dragging through it. But with all of the trying and pushing, eventually you find yourself naturally putting pep in your step and filled. The same energy and positivity that you pour into others, should be poured into self first. It’s unhealthy to use other people as a crutch. You cannot rely solely on other people to be happy. It is NOT their responsibility. You need to be emotionally independent and reliant on self. 

There will be days that are harder than some, and affirming self feels more of a chore than what it is. Work at it. Your cup should be full at all times.. If not, what exactly are you pouring into other people? Think about it.

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