Worry About Yourself – Mind Your Business

The fact that this needs to be said, is unfortunate on so many levels. Too many people feel entitled to the goings and comings of other people verses self. There’s something important to learn before the year is over. Worry about yourself – mind your business.

**Disclaimer: this is most definitely a rant. If you’re offended in any way, It may be to time to re-evaluate and make some changes because…..** 

Worry About Yourself – Mind Your Business

Too many people expect their views to trump the views and lives of other people. You cannot project your thoughts and feelings on to other people – and that doesn’t start and end with sexuality or abortion. People feel the need to put their views, religion or political beliefs on others. Everyone’s lives aren’t going to mimic yours in the least bit, and what they do at home, genuinely shouldn’t be any of your concern. People aren’t going to live their lives the way YOU see fit. 

Throwing Stones in a Glass House will Leave you Homeless

The world would be a much happier and peaceful place if people weren’t so quick to be judgmental, negative and overstepping of boundaries. People overstep their boundaries on a daily basis. If something isn’t happening to your physical body, why are you so concerned about the “salvation” of other souls? These human beings, with feelings, are being condemned by people who believe they are coming from a godly place. Quoting bible verses at the LGBTQ community telling that they are living a sinful life or yelling obscenities at the young woman walking into a clinic because she can’t live knowing that she is carrying her rapist’s child.

God’s Love Does NOT Equate to Hate

Masking your hatred, negativity and intolerance behind religion or beliefs doesn’t hide the fact that what you’re spewing is hatred, negativity and intolerance. Just in case you missed that memo. Hate doesn’t have the same affect as sharing love would. Even if you personally don’t agree with how someone else is living their life, remember that it’s just not your business to worry about. I see people scream about how abortion is a sin but turn around judge women that have more kids that they deem as “too many.” 

Just Mind Your Business

For future reference, it will probably be in your best interest to just mind your business. You cannot impose your way into the lives of many without expecting any backlash. You also can’t be xenophobic, homophobic, racist and fascist and expect for people to just accept you with open arms. The same way you roam the world judging others will one day soon come back to bite you on the ass. Whether its to you directly, your spouse, your children or grandchildren. You will one day have to answer for all of your judgments and own “sins” – Keep that in my mind when you use your self-biases and bigotry to judge others. 

Spread peace, love and positivity to other people. And if for whatever reasons, you can’t…. You may want to take the rest of the year to re-evaluate self and make some changes. 

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