When Life Comes at You Fast.. You Deal With It.

Great Morning/Afternoon or Evening.  It’s a brand new week. I’ve been slacking with my post and newsletter and for that, I apologize. As always, I genuinely appreciate and love your support & patience after all of these years. This post, is just a semi-explanation as to what’s been going on and HOW I’ve managed to not only keep my head afloat BUT how I’ve been able to maintain my peace.  When Life Comes at You Fast.. You Deal With It. 

When Life Comes at You Fast.. You Deal With It.

I found myself drowning in life. It was becoming harder and harder to come up for air, and I felt myself drifting…. Drifting farther from my goals, my peace and life… I was drifting away from myself and the person I was becoming. Something had to change, I needed a break, a moment  or a life line… Quickly, I realized either I sink or it was time to swim… I needed to figure out how deep I truly was in the bulls*** I was dealing with and what it would take to get me back to shore. I had to force myself to put on my big girl panties, leave the drama elsewhere, and plot my escape. Stress and depression had a hold of me. I couldn’t continue living life on the defensive. It was time to use all of the gems I learned through meditation and yoga to truly be resilient. It was time. 

You control what happens next

I started planning my life around what was most important and what could wait. I got a budget planner, started planning out my doctor’s appointments and physical therapy, and business relations. I had a lot to figure out and plan and a short time to do it. I didn’t have me to wonder if sinking was an option, because it isn’t. It was time to build a boat that could withstand any future storms. This was the perfect way to start. 

Dealing with physical pain and numbing in my left hand with migraines in my left temple. Praying for a treatable diagnosis, watching the medical bills pile up, because one MRI cost $804.62 and I’ve had three in  3 week span. Knowing that I had to mentally prep myself to be in such tight, confined spaces and not panic. I decided that I was going to take life by the balls and make it MY BIHHH.. There was no more cowering, no more wondering no more fear. It was time. 

The 3 Day Rule

My super close friends are aware of the three day rule. You have 3 days MAX to cry, mope and stress over the issue at hand. On the third day, it’s time to dust yourself off, throw away your tissue and plan your next move. Be still. Meditate. Pray. Sit with yourself and remind yourself that YOU are truly powerful. You aren’t stuck making lemonade. You don’t just lay down and take it. You get up, make a plan and tackle that sh**. Straight like that. 

Let me tell you about a week I had. Maybe two weeks ago, I was at physical therapy for my treatment session for my ulnar nerve damage. This particular day, I was in a ton of pain and experiencing terrible numbing in my left hand, to the point that I was dropping everything. In the middle of my session, a couple comes in looking for the owner of a sentra. I found out that someone had hit and run my car in the parking lot. Leaving my bumper hanging off, my fog light on the ground and wires hanging under my car. I had to leave my session midway and never got the relief I needed. I filed a police report that day, picked up my kid from daycare and went home to face the issue another day. The next morning, I called my insurance company and planned out what came next. I taped my arm up, filed my insurance claim & picked up my rental. Life came at me super fast, and I did more than just managed. I vented briefly, showered and slept. And moved into the next day.. because that’s all you can really do in this lifetime. 

“The best way to get things done.. is to begin”

Never allow yourself to remain stagnant. Plan your way through it. Pray, meditate and ask for clarity. Talk to your friends. Find peace within yourself and make your next move. You got this.

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