Purgasm Shop Fetish Fix Box

Purgasm Shop Fetish Fix Box

I was given the amazing opportunity to review the Purgasm Shop Fetish Fix Box.

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First and fore most, the Fetish Fix Box includes products from The Purgasm Shop at an amazing price, 25$, and it’s definitely worth it. It’s only available four times a year. =( And The time to sign up for the Purgasm Shop Fetish Fix Box here. This upcoming box will feature a fall favorite, Pumpkin!!

Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffles

Talk about clean! The Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffles were definitely a one stop shop. I could clean and condition my scalp and strengthen my hair. When it came to my taper, I only needed on Truffle, and it worked wonders. The directions were easy to follow, and the results were amazing. My curls and even my dyed curls bounced back. And that was without it being conditioned or washed. It was fun and messy experience. I used this on dry hair.

Whipped Pomade

This was definitely the best pomade I’ve ever used. It kept my twist moisturized and soft for an entire week. It also gave my hair super fluffy and defined definition. It smells amazing and a little definitely goes a long way. I’m praying that this is available year round and on the site!! I need this in my life!!! It just smells so yummy and it  leaves my hair bouncy every time. I even used it to style the brush coils on my tapered sides. Loved it. Highly recommended, and I’m about to search high and low on the site to find it. I need this.

Passion Flower & Ginger Bath, Body, & Massage Oil

First, I really just need to say how much I loved and I mean loved this. It smelled like heaven in a bottle and it leaves behind the sweetest sent on your skin. My skin was extra soft and wasn’t  greasy. It left my skin moisturized and vibrant. I was surprised at how easy it seeped into my skin and that I didn’t look like a slip and slide. I’ve had a love hate relationship with body oils, but this one takes the cake. I’m in love.

Cocoa & Yogurt Bar

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the scent, in fact, it made me question if I should use it. But after lathering my hair with it, I quickly realized that the smell was NOT that big of a negative. The results were amazing. I’m very iffy about certain things, including shampoo bars. But this one, I loved. My hair felt so clean and so much stronger after using it. My hair never felt dry and squeaky clean. Instead, it felt nourished, my curls were tighter & it gave my hair a natural shine. Especially the brass dyed portion on the top. The one thing that had me a little hesitant but realized that it must the cocoa sits on the bar after it’s wet. And the first two times it threw me off, but I quickly realized what it was. Other than that? Definitely a hair fav.

Sugar Bean Scrubs (1. Summer Sangria & 2. Vanilla Espresso)

I put both of these in the same category, because they both had similar to the same results. I love body scrubs, I’ve tried, loved and hated many. lol This fell in the love category. Even though the Vanilla Espresso got into some crevices it shouldn’t have. lol It was still a great experience. It didn’t leave my bath tub slippery, which can be dangerous. I’ve taken a few tumbles out of the tub thanks to body scrubs. lol. I loved the scents one was fruity and the other had that coffee scent. I loved how smooth and exfoliated my skin felt. Both left behind a thin and unnoticeable layer of oil that left my skin soft and sweet. The elasticity in my skin also improved with consistent use.

Honey Mud Bar

This bar can be used for both hair and face. I can honestly say that I disliked the scent. It really smells like mud lol, obviously.  But I can get over the scent, especially when it comes to the results. I used it on my hair twice and I’ve been using it on my face daily.  I loved it on my hair. It made my hair soft and it felt super clean after one lather. This Mud Bar was the greatest thing my face had ever experienced. It left my skin feeling, without leaving it extra dry and flaky. I didn’t experience any mold or mildew growing on either bar. It held up great with extended daily (twice a day) use.

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