Shimoshi Hair Fragrance

Shimoshi Hair Fragrance

I was actually very skeptical about this product. To be completely Honest. I have never heard of a hair fragrance that could be used in natural hair without drying it out.

This product. Is an all natural hair spray. It’s alcohol and silicone free, which is GREATTTTTT. The scents are all amazing. I used it in my natural hair and in my protective style. I even got compliments from people when I would walk past or whip my braids.

My Experience

It didn’t dry my hair out and it didn’t cause me any tangling issues. Which is always an issue if you try to spray body spray or perfume in your hair. most importantly, I had no type of allergic reactions. My scalp was fine, no itching or scabing! So of course, it was an all around amazing experience.

But this is something I definitely do recommend, especially if you’re in between washes and you are concerned with what your hair smells like. The smell lasted me a few days and it comes in amazing scents like fresh cucumber melon, warm sugar and figs, Vanilla Sugarcane and a few others.

The prices are affordable, and it’s something great to have on hand. So check it out follow them on instagram and check out the website below.

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