The Bronx Naturals: HandPoured Soy Candles, Temptress

I consider myself a “candle connoisseur “. I love different types of scented candles that can change the aura and personality in a room. I’m a huge fan of “two in one” candles. I’ve used a few, some that I loved, and a select few that were just meant for decor even though it was labeled a massage candle.
But anyways! Here’s my review of the The Bronx Naturals: HandPoured Soy Candles, Temptress.


The scent of this candle is: Temptress. I adore sandalwood scented candles, when it’s done right. The Bronx Naturals: Temptress, was a lot softer than I imagined. The scent wasn’t overpowering. It filled the room with a light scent, that was more relaxing than anything else. It filled the area, but sometimes not the entire room. But as a relaxation candle it was amazing.

I placed this candle on my night stand, right next to my bed at night, so that I could inhale the light fragrance before bed. And then I proceeded to use it to massage my shoulders, feet and hands before bed.

Massage oil 

I used this soy candle on my skin after burning it for a few hours. It was very soothing on my skin. I used it on my arms, legs and feet. And my skin remained super soft for a few days.  It helped relieved the stress from my shoulders and legs after a long day. The aroma also helped me sleep better at night. Especially, after a stressful day at work.

I really want to try the other scents they have, I’ll definitely be more  ordering from them soon!

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